The Active Network is a leading provider of activity and participant management solutions for event and activity organizers.  The company’s ActiveWorks SaaS platform helps organizers automate the registration and administration process and manage participant and activity information, while also driving consumer participation in customers’ events. The Active Network has ~46,000 customers and drives 92.7mm annual registrations in approximately 200,000 events and activities.

The Active Network is headquartered in Dallas, TX with operations worldwide.

Vista Equity Partners Fund IV and Vista Equity Partners Fund III completed a take-private of The Active Network in November 2013.

Follow-On Acquisition
Maximum Solutions

Maximum Solutions is a leading provider of software for the recreation industry with a focus on municipalities, sportsplexes, and ice arenas. Maximum’s solutions enable facilities and league scheduling, activity registration, membership management, and point of sale functionality.

Active Network acquired Maximum Solutions in December 2016.



JumpForward connects into the athletic departments of 250+ NCAA colleges and serves as their ERP management system for facilities reservations, schedule planning, athletic donations, and ticketing. JumpForward is used by 55 percent of Division I collegiate sports programs for its strength in compliance, recruiting and business office solutions to ensure athletic departments are following NCAA rules.


Active Network acquired JumpForward in May 2016.

Virtual Event Bags

Virtual Event Bags is the leading virtual event bag platform created to help event organizers more effectively connect their event sponsors with their participants. Virtual Event Bags creates electronic event gift bags which include discount offers, sponsor deals, marketing materials from sponsors, and event information for sporting event participants.


Active Network acquired Virtual Event Bags in December 2015.

IPICO Sports

IPICO is a leading, global provider of race timing technology that supports thousands of events, collecting millions of individual results in over 50 countries. IPICO’s dual frequency timing system is well known for its industry leading accuracy and is used by some of the world’s largest and most iconic events. 


Active Network acquired IPICO Sports in February 2015.

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