Adding Value

We strongly believe that a long-term equity investor must add exceptional value to each portfolio company.

Vista is a strategically and operationally-minded and focused investor whose selective investment philosophy is aligned with the goal of adding meaningful value to each portfolio company. Through our Vista Best Practices, which have been developed from our direct experiences, and our extensive network of valuable relationships, we bring more than just investment capital. Vista has a philosophy of working closely with our managers to reach a common understanding of business goals, to develop the appropriate performance metrics/benchmarks, and to implement proven operational best practices for software-enabled, recurring revenue businesses.

Our mission is to work with and build the best companies in each sector in which we invest. This requires developing a tailored approach for adding value to each of our companies. Vista begins its transformation plan during its diligence of a potential acquisition so that implementation of the plan can begin immediately after purchase. We provide strategic, operational, and financial expertise, including:

  • Strategic analysis and guidance
  • Implementing operational best practices
  • Developing key performance indicators
  • Financial planning and budgeting
  • Evaluating and executing on mergers and acquisitions
  • Industry research and competitive analysis
  • Establishing partnerships and alliances
  • Providing additional management talent