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Case Study / Advancing Your Leadership Recruitment Strategy

Advancing Your Leadership Recruitment Strategy

Endorsements presented herein are made by current or former employees of Vista portfolio companies, over which Vista may have the ability to exercise discretion on employee compensation, promotion and other employment decisions.

Zapproved realized that an investment partner could help build out an effective executive leadership team.

Today, legal discovery no longer requires lawyers to sift through boxes of paperwork, dissecting information with highlighters in hand. The internet age has transformed the mountain of physical legal files into terabytes of online data including emails, videos, texts and instant messages. This extensive amount of data can make the discovery process in legal cases challenging and expensive for corporate counsel.

Zapproved provides software that supports the e-discovery process for corporate legal teams. The Zapproved platform allows corporations to conduct e-discovery affordably, securely and with significantly less risk than is traditionally associated with litigation.

Zapproved Founder and CEO Monica Enand looked at several different options for funding, but the resources Vista offered, particularly its methodologies and processes were determining factors for her. “I could come to them with any problem, and they would have a Vista Best Practice or methodology that’s proven to work and work quickly,” Enand said.

Enand was also looking for a partner that could provide more than financial capital, who would work with her to help make the myriad decisions that inundate software CEOs daily. Having a network of other CEOs and, as she describes, “been-there-done-that board members,” proved invaluable for Enand and her team.

From talent and recruitment to go-to-market and sales strategy, Vista offered the answers and solutions for which Enand had been searching. Having Vista as a resource to help solve these challenges allowed Enand to focus on what matters most to her – the long-term outlook for her company, including how to maintain a strong company culture.

Executive recruitment was one of Enand’s main obstacles as the leader of a growing software company. With Zapproved’s headquarters in Portland, Oregon – a city with few big companies, and a smaller pool of resident executive-level professionals – she struggled to find the right talent to build out her leadership team. According to Enand, Vista’s ability to reach into its network to find the right candidates was a game-changer for her company.

Since joining the Vista family, Enand not only has her team to rely on, but she’s also found a resource in Vista’s network of CEOs. With opportunities from Vista’s CEO Summits to simply picking up the phone when an operational situation arises, Enand has been able to continue scaling Zapproved with the support of a strong network of peers.

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With Vista, you get a complete network of people who are not just passionate but experienced in building the best-run software companies.

Monica Enand, Founder and CEO, Zapproved


Year of Investment: 2017
Portfolio Status: Current
Headquarters: Portland, OR

Market leader in enterprise legal hold and e-discovery software for the Global 2000 legal departments.

Zapproved LLC is the market leader in delivering cloud-based legal hold and e-discovery software for corporate legal teams. Zapproved’s solutions reduce risks and costs associated with litigation and are designed for scalability of processing power, data security and accessibility. The Company’s Legal Hold Pro solution has earned recognition as the Best E-Discovery Legal Hold Product at the 2015 and 2016 LegalTech News Innovation Awards, as well as Best of the National Law Journal 2014-2016. The Company’s offering for eDiscovery enables legal teams to realize material time and cost savings by allowing them to manage their collection and discovery processes in-house. Zapproved serves nearly 300 customers in a wide range of industries including financial services, high technology, energy, healthcare/pharmaceuticals and manufacturing.

The Company was founded in 2008 and is based in Portland, OR.

Vista Equity Endeavor Fund acquired Zapproved in May 2017.

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