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Case Study / Growing Your Business Through Improved Processes

Growing Your Business Through Improved Processes

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How Trintech implemented strategic processes to spur significant growth.

From managing balance sheet reconciliations, journal entries, governance, compliance and high-volume transaction matching, Trintech’s portfolio of financial solutions helps manage all aspects of the financial close process.

Before Trintech pioneered the development of Financial Corporate Performance Management (FCPM) software, organizations used spreadsheets to manage their financial close processes, which was often inefficient, costly and prone to human error.

Today, over 3,100 organizations – including the majority of the Fortune 100 – across more than 100 countries rely on Trintech’s cloud-based software to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve governance and transparency.

CEO Teresa Mackintosh joined Trintech at the beginning of 2016 after working for publishing company Wolters Kluwer. Before Vista, Trintech didn’t have the resources to scale at the rate to which they aspired. While it had accomplished great success, the company couldn’t grow and expand the way the team knew it had the potential to do. Since partnering with Vista, Mackintosh and her team have relied on the Value Creation Team (VCT) to help streamline Trintech’s business and operational processes from accounting to customer relationship management through the Vista Best Practices.

According to Mackintosh, the VCT has become a critical resource to Trintech’s continued growth and success. While Trintech leadership has worked with the VCT on numerous occasions, it particularly valued the VCT’s support when the company faced challenges transitioning its finance department. Mackintosh recognized the situation needed a more hands-on approach and turned to the Vista team to make it happen. The VCT worked with Mackintosh to bring in financial analysts who helped the Trintech finance team dissect its budgeting process.

Other times, the Value Creation Team has played a more traditional consulting role for Trintech. For example, when the company started using a marketing automation system, the VCT helped ensure the implementation went smoothly and offered advice on how to promote successful company-wide adoption of the software. Mackintosh describes Trintech’s relationship with the VCT as collaborative and flexible. Both parties have the same goal: to build the value of the organization.

The Value Creation team played a strategic role in helping Trintech implement and formalize how it manages and identifies existing and potential customers. This renewed focus on customer success and marketing metrics was well-received throughout Trintech and helped Mackintosh and her team make better decisions across the board.

Since implementing a new customer management strategy, Mackintosh was able to leverage insights to improve Trintech’s go-to-market strategy, how it prioritizes sales focus areas and how it views the total addressable market.

Since joining the Vista family and under Mackintosh’s leadership, Trintech has tripled its customer base and doubled its revenue. With its grasp on the market and strategic organic and inorganic growth, Trintech is expected to further expand its reach and customer portfolio.

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At Trintech there’s a lot of excitement about what can be. Vista brings a story of success and an excellent track record about building value in companies, so we’ve been able to maintain an extremely positive message throughout the company.

Teresa Mackintosh, CEO, Trintech


Year of Investment: 2015
Portfolio Status: Current
Headquarters: Addison, TX

Integrated record-to-report software solutions that help businesses expedite and manage the financial close process.

Trintech, Inc. pioneered the development of Financial Corporate Performance Management (FCPM) software to optimize the Record to Report process. From supporting high volume transaction matching and streamlining daily operational reconciliations, to automating and managing balance sheet reconciliations, journal entries, bank fee analysis, governance, regulatory and financial reporting, and risk and compliance – Trintech’s portfolio of financial solutions, including Cadency®, Trintech Disclosure Management®, ReconNET™ and T-Recs®, help manage all aspects of the financial close process. Over 1,700 clients worldwide – including the majority of the Fortune 100 – rely on our cloud-based software to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve governance and transparency across global financial organizations.

Headquartered in Dallas, TX, Trintech has offices located in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Ireland, the Netherlands and the Nordics, as well as strategic partners in South Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific. To learn more about Trintech, visit

Vista Foundation Fund II completed its acquisition of Trintech Group PLC in September 2015.

Summit Partners purchased a majority interest in the Company in December 2017.

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