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Case Study / Social Solutions

When Choosing an Investment Partner, Look Beyond Capital

For Social Solutions, having a partner who shares the company's sense of community is invaluable.

Businesses are increasingly adopting automation software to streamline workflows and help them operate seamlessly and with less risk. Additionally, with less time and money spent on operational tasks, companies have more time to devote to their customers and products. For nonprofits, the ability to focus on their core mission is particularly important given the impact they have on communities and society as a whole.

Since 2000, Social Solutions has been empowering nonprofit organizations and government agencies with tools to track and measure their efforts and programming. Organizations use their products to analyze their data and gain a greater understanding of the impact of their work. Through these advanced insights, Social Solutions customers can maximize their efforts to improve the world.

Before joining Social Solutions in 2016, CEO Kristin Nimsger served as the CEO for Microedge, a former Vista company. Faced with the chance to work for a company whose mission aligned with her values and the opportunity to once again be part of the Vista community, her decision to join Social Solutions was easy.

According to Nimsger, having an investor with a lot of capital does not equate to true value for the company. During her time as an executive, she’s seen companies receive dry capital and then spend precious time and energy figuring out how to best use it.

With Vista, Nimsger sees an investor who provides both financial and operational resources, working alongside her and her team to execute strategy and accelerate growth.

Since joining Vista, Social Solutions has expanded into new markets and become the go-to management resource for nonprofits. The company combines a high-growth technology environment with an innate desire to empower nonprofits with the resources and tools they need to measure and accelerate the programs they bring to the world.

According to Nimsger, employees at Social Solutions have a strong passion for making a difference and a sense of community. Community is also core to Vista’s DNA, which is one of the reasons why Nimsger knew she would receive the full support of the Vista team. In many ways, Social Solutions mimics Vista by infusing an engineering mindset – which champions problem-solving and technical proficiency – into its culture and balancing software expertise with a strong sense of purpose. With Vista as a partner, Social Solutions continues bridging the gap between the important work of nonprofits and the technology to support those efforts.

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One of the best things about being part of the Vista ecosystem is by far the sense of community.

Kristin Nimsger, Former CEO, Social Solutions


Year of Investment: 2014
Portfolio Status: Current
Headquarters: Austin, TX

SaaS-based performance management and case management solutions for the human services industry.

Social Solutions, Inc. is the leading provider of SaaS-based performance management and case management solutions for the human services sector. Its solutions allow customers to measure the impact of their work on program participants and the effectiveness of their programs and initiatives. Social Solutions currently serves over 1,000 paying customers, including non-profit organizations and local, state and federal agencies. Its customer base represents over 4,000 entities, 16,000 programs and 76,000 users.

Social Solutions was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Austin, TX, with additional operations in Baltimore, MD.

Vista Foundation Fund II made an equity investment in Social Solutions in July 2014.

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