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TIBCO | 62200 Messaging Engineering | Naperville, IL

The Messaging Team develops several products which form the underpinnings for a wide range of TIBCO's products and technologies but are also available directly to our customers to handle some of the toughest data distribution problems around in terms of speed, low latency, highest performance, and breadth of scale.

Our customers are in areas including finance (exchanges, brokerages, hedge funds, and market makers for whom time literally is money), transportation, distribution, logistics, to consumer information providers (supporting apps presenting near real-time information like weather, sports scores, and news) using our WebSockets support to push their data out to mobile devices.  Our software forms the nervous system of large scale, highly distributed, event-driven systems worldwide; whether they are running on a LAN, across a world-wide WAN, in the cloud, or reaching out to mobile devices.

In addition to messaging, our team here is building one of the most advanced in-memory, distributed data grid products to bring memory-speed access to many terabytes of information in a very high performance, incredibly scalable, and robust way.

This is challenging work.  We're working on highly distributed and parallel systems from the top all the way down to the protocol levels.  Our messaging products are built on a C and GoLang base with language bindings for most other major languages. Work is going on across our product spectrum from low-level protocols to high-level dashboards and monitoring capabilities.

We have opportunities across our entire team including core product development, development of automated integrating, building, validation and stress testing, cloud support (private, public, and hybrid), user interfaces, containerization technologies like Docker and Kubernetes, and Messaging as a Service.  Our opportunities are, at their core, a development role so every position is oriented around development including full lifecycle from requirements, through design, development, to verification. We use a variety of languages and technologies including using and contributing to open source projects and technologies as appropriate. We’re working hard to do things quickly, efficiently, and to scale.

If you want to see some of this yourself, you can download fully functional versions of our highest performance FTL messaging product as well as its WebSocket support (provided by our eFTL messaging product) at https://www.tibco.com/products/tibco-ftl and https://www.tibco.com/products/tibco-eftl respectively.  Use the "Community Download" button to access the download areas.  The Community Edition supports Linux, MacOS, and Windows and can be run on configurations as small as a single machine for development purposes (including your laptop).
Skills & Requirements

  • Define, design, develop, and validate new messaging capabilities including areas such as User Interface, core messaging functionality, performance tuning, and new feature development.  
  • You will be part of a larger development team with exposure to all parts and stages of the development of the specific functionality being worked on.
  • full software life cycle software development from requirements and design, through development and unit testing (formal testing is handled by the QA team with assistance from the Development team as needed).