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EDI Implementation Technician I

Entry Level

Greenway Health | Clearinghouse | Tampa, FL

Job Summary

Communicates with customers to obtain enrollment information and use the enrollment information to register the clients system. Use the information that is received from the clearinghouse and other internal systems to setup a Payment Manager and/or EHR system to allow for EDI transmissions. Display an irreproachable business edict.     

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • The primary responsibility of this role will be to monitor the EDI Registration client phone queue
  • Insure all work is properly documented on a consistent basis. Including proper case comments, phone call tracking, and attaching relevant documents to the case
  • Understands how to implement multiple EDI product offerings and the EDI conversion from one product to another
  • Connect into clients systems to diagnose and resolve complex electronic communication issues
  • Work multiple projects at a time consisting of: EDI Implementations, Communication migrations, Claim Format updates, etc.
  • Work with implementing larger sites that consist of multiple practices and providers
  • Follow-up with clients to insure all electronic transmissions are functioning properly
  • Escalate top-priority issues to the appropriate staff and/or technical support department when necessary
Skills & Requirements



  • BA or equivalent work experience

    Minimum Qualifications

  • Familiarity with EDI formats and EDI insurance claims standards
  • Experience interpreting Healthcare EDI formats such as ANSI 4010/5010 a plus
  • 1 - 3 years in experience in a healthcare EDI role



  • Ability to manage time and priorities across multiple projects
  • Excellent customer service skills; able to maintain patience and composure when speaking with a range of customers
  • Knowledge of multiple Greenway offerings: Intergy, Medical Manager, Mends, Health Network
  • Curiosity to learn other skills and functions to better assist other internal teams
  • Proficiency in Windows applications, Word, Excel, and Outlook; proficient with computers and navigating in a windows-based environment
  • Strong troubleshooting, problem solving, and analytical ability
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Positive customer service skills
  • Knowledge of Salesforce or a CRM system
  • Knowledge of medical billing or clinical workflow (Preferred)

    Work Environment/Physical Demands

  • While at work, this position is primarily a sedentary job and requires that the associate can work in an environment where they will consistently be seated for the majority of the work day
  • This role requires that one can sit and regularly type on a key board the majority of their work day
  • This position requires the ability to observe a computer screen for long periods of time to observe their own and others’ work, as well as, in-coming and out-going communications via the computer and/ or mobile devices
  • The role necessitates the ability to listen and speak clearly to customers and other associates
  • The work environment is an open room with other associates and noise from others will be part of the regular work day