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Technical Architect


Advanced | Services - Consultancy | London, England

Technical Architect Job Description

The Technical Architect will play an integral part in designing and delivering bespoke line-of-business applications for our clients in a range of modern development tools. These applications tend to either be internal-facing, or provide a specialised service to their customers, rather than sales or marketing platforms.

The role will include all elements of pre-sale consulting, architecture, design and implementation of web-based and mobile application user-interfaces and client-side business logic; the role will also include the implementation of C# web-services and other server-side components to persist data and deliver notifications.

The Technical Architect has a leadership role within project teams and will collaborate with Developers to produce UI/UX designs to meet client standards and functional requirements.

This is a client facing role giving the opportunity for the applicant to present designs to clients and review implemented functionality. Work location will vary by project, being a mix of working on-site at client premises, working from Advanced offices, and remote working.

The role will suit someone who:

  • Is capable of quickly understanding the varied business processes of our clients and working across multiple industry sectors
  • Has a good knowledge of human-computer interaction and of architecting solutions that are efficient for experienced users whilst being welcoming to new users
  • Is capable of leading developers and testers
  • Is flexible and willing to work with different technology stacks on different projects
  • Is willing to engage server-side and front end development as required

We have an immediate requirement for a candidate to work as part of a team migrating an existing client’s hosted .Net solution with a SQL DB to AWS with native AWS DB.


  • Bachelor's degree in a numerate subject (including Computer Science) or equivalent work experience.
  • Proven ability to work in a team composed of colleagues and client staff
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience architecting bespoke development solutions
  • At least 5 years’ experience with JavaScript, 2 years in a senior role
  • 2+ years’ experience of Angular front-end development
  • Experience of working in Agile/Scrum development team and use of an agile work-management platform such as Jira, Team Foundation Server, Azure Dev Ops or similar
  • Strong analytical and communication skills
  • A good understanding of developing secure applications and web services
  • Demonstrable capability to write unit-testable code


Product Experience


Required Skills


Also relevant

Programming Languages

C# and JavaScript

Power Shell


Web User Interface Development



Vue, JQuery,

UI Components

Angular Material

Telarik Controls

JQuery UI

Web Services

ASP.Net Core


.NET Framework

Mobile Development



Native iOS / Android

Unit Testing

A least one unit testing framework for JavaScript and for C#

NUnit, MSTest or XUnit,


Continuous Integration / Deployment

Experience of creating and maintaining a continuous integration /deployment pipeline.

Azure DevOps

Team City

Cloud Platform

Experience with Azure or AWS platform-as-a-service technologies


Service Bus

Azure Functions
Blob Storage
Storage Queues
Event Grid
AWS Lambda


SQL Server

Graph Databases

AWS DynamoDB

Dependency Injection

Use of a DI container or pure DI in projects


Any DI Container


OAuth Authentication

OpenID Connect

Azure Active Directory


Other Useful Products / Methodologies

  • Test Driven Design
  • Domain Driven Design
  • Command/Query Separation model
  • Graphic Design in Photoshop or Development
  • Integration of reporting platforms into a user interface (Power BI, Reporting Services)


  • Architect, Design, implement and deploy custom line-of-business applications for Advanced clients
  • Work with our client’s to plan the user interfaces for such applications
  • Produce and maintain design documentation such as architecture diagrams
  • Train and mentor more junior staff