Building Confidence and Culture Throughout a Partnership

How Vista is driving growth and galvanizing a culture for Numerator.

The number of online shoppers in the United States is projected to reach over 230 million by 2021. As the shopping experience becomes increasingly digital, retailers have found a need to efficiently track consumer behavior to intelligently and precisely influence pricing, promotion, and advertising strategies.

Numerator, a marketing intelligence firm, combines omnichannel marketing, merchandising, and sales data to provide intelligent consumer insights and predict buyer behavior. The company built the world’s largest consumer purchase panel with over 400,000 active users submitting purchase data, creating a more comprehensive view of the modern shopper.

Dennis Moore was named CEO of Market Track (now Numerator) in 2016. In his role, Moore realized that the Company had limited processes in place to efficiently measure the success of key business metrics such as forecasting and revenue. To effectively scale the business, Moore knew he needed help. As a new CEO, when Moore was considering investment options, he was primarily interested in a partnership that would grow the company long term, rather than offering purely financial support. When speaking with Vista, Moore found the firm had support mechanisms to help its CEOs succeed and grow their companies, such as operational best practices and a network of executives. As a first-time CEO, this was especially attractive to Moore.

As a company with a growing team – stemming in part from more than 10 acquisitions over the years – ensuring each employee understood the company’s vision presented a challenge. As Moore says, “You don’t just put people together and they automatically gel. You have to make sure you’re doing things from a communication and strategy standpoint so that everyone understands why we’re coming together.” Vista offered resources and industry-leading best practices that could help the company seamlessly integrate into a unified team, and Moore no longer needed to consider investment options. He made the decision to partner with Vista.

With Vista’s partnership, Market Track acquired InfoScout and the company rebranded under the name Numerator in 2018. During the merger, Vista was quick to help the company overcome the challenges of integrating multiple companies and subcultures.  The new company needed resources to streamline processes and handle scalability. Vista immediately began allocating time, money, and resources to help Numerator overcome this hurdle.

Having a partner like Vista who places an emphasis on professional development and recruiting talent gave Numerator the chance to grow while simultaneously galvanizing a culture and disrupting a competitive market. Moore credits Vista with giving him the confidence to lead his team in the right direction during the transition from Market Track to Numerator and in helping him create new and improved processes that will set Numerator up for success in the coming years.

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Vista’s been great at helping me scale the business and prioritize which things need to get done first. I’ve really enjoyed my time with them.
–Dennis Moore, CEO, Numerator


Year of Investment: 2017
Portfolio Status: Current
Headquarters: Chicago, IL

Market intelligence data provider for brands, agencies, and retailers.

Numerator is a market intelligence firm that brings together omnichannel marketing, merchandising, and sales data to make pursuing new possibilities simple for brand, retail, and agency clients. Numerator is the only company in the marketplace to connect omnichannel purchase data and comprehensive path data to deliver an unmatched view of the consumer shopping and purchase experience. The Company serves over 2,000 customers across a wide variety of market intelligence categories.

Numerator is based in Chicago, IL with additional operations across the USA, Canada, U.K., and Australia.

Vista Equity Partners Fund VI acquired Market Track, a leading provider of global omnichannel market intelligence, in June 2017 and subsequently acquired InfoScout, America’s largest omnichannel consumer purchase panel, in July 2017. The combined company rebranded under the name Numerator in October 2018.

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