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COVID-19 Response

Acquia: Powering Digital Adaptation

Organizations working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis need new and improved ways to communicate with their employees, customers and the public. Many are trying to launch or enhance their online presence to run their business and provide resource hubs to disseminate new information. To fulfill these needs, Acquia’s platform allows its customers to rapidly design, build, launch and manage new websites that run on a stable, flexible and scalable platform.

The Company’s platform is solving several challenges posed by the crisis by powering websites and digital experience channels experiencing high volumes. Key customers and recent use cases include: hospitals communicating to patients, families, the public and staff; laboratory testing companies managing the release of testing kits; and government agencies delivering health and emergency information to constituents.

Acquia’s solutions are helping nonprofits connect with donors and collect funds. They are also bringing a sense of normalcy to communities through e-learning technology and digital church and religious services.

Learn More About Acquia’s COVID-19 Response.

Year of Investment: 2019
Portfolio Status: Current
Headquarters: Boston, MA

Optimizing Digital Experiences for 4K+ Organizations

Cloud-based, digital content management solutions.

Acquia is a leading provider of open source web content management and digital experience solutions for enterprise to mid-market level companies. The Company’s solutions are used to manage written content, images, data and experiences to help companies maintain a consistent online presence across all digital touchpoints. Built on the Drupal platform, Acquia’s software and services allow companies the ability to build, operate and optimize websites, apps and other digital channels.

Acquia was founded in 2007 and is based in Boston, MA, with operations worldwide.

Vista Equity Partners Fund VII completed an acquisition of Acquia in November 2019. Learn more about the partnership here.

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