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COVID-19 Response

CentralSquare: Supporting Public Safety Agencies

Public safety and frontline government workers face immense pressure to educate and inform the public as communities navigate COVID-19. Restrictions around person-to-person interactions further complicate relief efforts, leading first responders and public safety officers to look to new communication methods.

CentralSquare is helping ensure the critical lines of communication between first responders, public servants and citizens remain open. The Company is offering complimentary use of select software solutions to its more than 5,000 public safety customers through December 1, 2020.

These solutions include CentralSquare P2C, which allows citizens to communicate directly with law enforcement agencies, and Digital Evidence Management System, which enables officers to manage the storage of digital evidence from video cameras, cell phones and other devices. This software and a variety of other mobile applications help reduce person-to-person interaction for first responders and public servants. They also help agencies share resources more easily and allow personnel to work seamlessly from remote locations.

See How CentralSquare Is Supporting Local Agencies' COVID-19 Response.

Year of Investment: 2018
Portfolio Status: Current
Headquarters: Lake Mary, FL

Serves 7,500+ State and Local Government Agencies

Leading provider of public sector software for state and local governments.

CentralSquare Technologies is an industry leading provider of public safety and public administration software to state and local governments across the U.S. and Canada. The Company’s platform meets the specialized requirements of public administration, public safety and justice, state government, federal government and nonprofit agencies. CentralSquare’s solutions deliver vital safety and administrative services to three out of every four residents in the U.S. and Canada. Today, CentralSquare serves over 7,500 organizations from the largest metropolitan cities to counties and towns of every size across North America.

CentralSquare was formed in 2018 and is based in Lake Mary, FL.

Vista Equity Partners Fund VI acquired Superion in February 2017. Vista and Bain Capital Partners subsequently completed a merger of Superion, TriTech and the public sector and healthcare businesses of Aptean in August 2018 to form one company officially operating under the name “CentralSquare Technologies.”

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