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COVID-19 Response

Poppulo: Aiding Prevention Through Digital Display Networks

As the world adapts to new shelter-in-place and social distancing measures, communities are adjusting to a new reality – one in which a trip to the grocery store is no longer easy. While there is plenty of information surrounding the new guidelines, there can be a lack of clarity in how to implement them in daily life. Four Winds Interactive (FWI) has created a series of images to use on digital displays focused on debunking myths surrounding COVID-19.

The Company is allowing all businesses with digital signage networks to use the content for free to deliver timely communications about combating the spread of the virus to their customers and employees. The digital display content, adapted from CDC guidelines, illustrates simple ways that people can better protect themselves and those around them.

Learn More About FWI’s Coronavirus Prevention Content.

Year of Investment: 2019
Portfolio Status: Current
Headquarters: Denver, CO

500K+ Digital Display Screens Deployed Around the World

Omnichannel communications platform providing a scalable and secure solution for enterprises.

Poppulo is a leading provider of workplace experience and omnichannel workforce communication solutions. The Company’s enterprise-grade software and data integrations enable customers to deploy and manage content and applications across digital displays, email and mobile while integrating real-time data. Poppulo delivers industry-leading functionality, integrations and services through a cloud management interface, flexible authoring tool, cross-platform support and vertically-tailored applications.

Poppulo is based in Denver, CO, with operations worldwide.

Vista Foundation Fund III acquired Four Winds Interactive, a leading visual communications platform, in March 2019 and subsequently acquired Poppulo, a leading omnichannel employee communications platform, in April 2021. The Company rebranded under the name Poppulo in November 2022.

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