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COVID-19 Response

LogicMonitor: Empowering IT Teams to Maintain Continuity

As businesses and educational institutions shift to remote work and learning, their employees and faculty are finding it difficult to access the tools they need to remain productive. IT teams are under increasing strain to keep critical applications, services and infrastructure up and running so that normal operations can continue.

Organizations of all sizes are turning to LogicMonitor to keep their users online and connected. The Company’s remote monitoring solutions give IT teams insight into application and infrastructure performance, so they can manage uptime without stepping inside an office or a data center. LogicMonitor is also helping educational institutions monitor the health of remote learning applications so that students can get the most out of virtual education initiatives.

See the LogicMonitor COVID-19 Page for More.

Year of Investment: 2018
Portfolio Status: Current
Headquarters: Santa Barbara, CA

300BN Metrics Generated Daily

Performance monitoring platform for enterprise IT.

LogicMonitor is a leading SaaS-based performance monitoring platform for enterprise IT, managed service providers and small and mid-sized businesses. The Company monitors infrastructures, allowing companies to focus less on problem-solving and more on evolution. LogicMonitor’s automated device and resource discovery, preconfigured alert thresholds and customizable dashboards come together to give IT teams speed, flexibility and actionable insights to innovate and create additional business value in today’s competitive markets.

LogicMonitor was founded in 2007 and is based in Santa Barbara, CA, with a Global Center of Customer Excellence in Austin, TX, and offices worldwide.

Vista Foundation Fund III acquired LogicMonitor in May 2018.

Learn more about the partnership here.

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