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COVID-19 Response

Social Solutions: Supporting Those Who Support the Vulnerable

Leaders of nonprofit, public organizations and government agencies are familiar with doing more with less, but the unique threats of this COVID-19 crisis on lives and livelihoods are especially challenging. Across the U.S., communities face increased homelessness, unemployment, job instability and food shortages. To address the impacts of COVID-19, Social Solutions is offering its software to public and nonprofit sector organizations for free for the rest of 2020 when they sign a new contract.

The impacts of Social Solutions software on human services is far-reaching. The software helps workforce development programs manage the influx of applications as a result of job loss from the pandemic. Meanwhile, with homeless shelters grappling with social distancing, supply chain slowdowns and increases in homelessness, the Company’s solutions can help to forecast the need and availability of beds, quarantine space and food.

View the Social Solutions COVID-19 Resource Center.

Year of Investment: 2014
Portfolio Status: Current
Headquarters: Austin, TX

27MM Charitable Participants Served

Solutions to enable nonprofits and social good organizations to work more efficiently and effectively.

Bonterra is the second-largest social good software company in the world. The Company believes in the exponential good that can be accomplished with the right foundation and supports the companies that power those who power social impact. Bonterra’s differentiated, end-to-end solutions collectively support a unique network of over 19,000 customers, including over 15,000 nonprofit organizations and over 50 percent of Fortune 100 companies.

Bonterra was founded in 2022 and is based in Austin, TX.

Vista Foundation Fund II made an equity investment in Social Solutions in July 2014.

In September 2021, Social Solutions combined with CyberGrants and EveryAction through funding from Apax to create a leading provider of next-generation SaaS solutions to the social good ecosystem. Vista retained a minority stake in the newly combined Company.

In January 2022, the Company acquired Network for Good. In March 2022, the combined Company of CyberGrants, EveryAction, Network for Good and Social Solutions rebranded as Bonterra.

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