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COVID-19 Response

TIBCO: Providing Transparency Through Data

During this time of continued uncertainty, there is a growing hunger for data and insights to help make sense of the spread and impact of this virus. TIBCO is lending its expertise in solving complex data problems to the COVID-19 fight by creating granular, county-level maps with real-time visualizations of patient cases. Using geo-analytics, TIBCO is predicting potential hotspots by visualizing community outbreaks in real-time and showing how non-pharmaceutical, social interventions are affecting the virus’s trajectory.

TIBCO is also working with partners to forecast the availability of lifesaving equipment as the shortage of vital medical supplies becomes more dire across hospitals. These predictions would provide critical insights for manufacturing and equipment supply chains for healthcare facilities globally.

Visit the TIBCO COVID-19 Visual Analysis Hub.

Year of Investment: 2014
Portfolio Status: Current
Headquarters: Palo Alto, CA
Website: tibco.com

Serving 265+ Fortune 500 companies

Real-time enterprise data software for faster, smarter decision-making.

TIBCO Software Inc. is a provider of integration, data management and analytics software that makes it possible to unlock the potential of real-time data for making smarter, faster decisions. The company’s Connected Intelligence platform seamlessly connects applications and data sources; unifies data for greater access, trust and control; predicts outcomes in real-time and at scale; and enables businesses to solve complex data-driven challenges. TIBCO has thousands of customers across the globe that rely on its platform to build compelling experiences, energize operations and propel innovation.

TIBCO is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, with operations worldwide.

Vista Equity Partners Fund V completed a take-private of TIBCO in December 2014.

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