Greenway Medical Technologies, Inc. (“Greenway”) is a leading provider of clinical, financial, connectivity, and information software products and services to physician practices. The Company’s ambulatory products include electronic health record, practice management, electronic data interchange, and clinically-driven revenue cycle management solutions. Greenway serves over 100,000 providers and 13,000 medical organizations, and processes over 65 million clinical transactions and 330 million financial transactions per year.

The company is headquartered and has principal operations in Carrollton, GA, Tampa, FL and Birmingham, AL.

Vista Equity Partners Fund IV completed a take-private of Greenway Medical Technologies, Inc. in November 2013 and subsequently combined Greenway with Vitera, formerly Sage North America’s Healthcare Division, which was acquired by Vista Equity Partners Fund IV in November 2011.  The combined businesses are now one company operating under the name “Greenway”.

Follow-On Acquisition


PeopleLYNK promotes patient engagement in cooperation with PrimeSUITE, Greenway's integrated practice management and electronic health record offering.  PeopleLYNK automates certain interactions with patients, including reminders, lab results, prescription notifications, clinical alerts and other communications.  


Greenway acquired PeopleLYNK in February 2014.

Greenway Medical Technologies


SuccessEHS is a provider of software and services to physician practices, Community Health Centers, and dental practices. The Company’s products include electronic health records, electronic dental record, practice management, revenue cycle management, and business service outsourcing solutions.


Vitera acquired SuccessEHS in July 2013.

Vitera Healthcare Solutions


Vitera Healthcare Solutions, LLC (“Vitera”) is a leading provider of integrated clinical, financial, and administrative software for physician office practices and Community Health Centers.  The company offers a comprehensive solution suite including physician practice management, electronic health records, revenue cycle management, and business analytics.


Vista Equity Partners Fund IV completed a buyout of Sage North America’s Healthcare Division in November of 2011 and rebranded the company Vitera.

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