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Responsibility / Environmental Practices

Our Planet. Our Responsibility.

We believe the transformative power of technology can help protect our planet – and create a brighter, more sustainable future. Since 2019, Vista has measured and offset its own operational GHG emissions. Additionally, through the Vista Climate Pledge, 100% of our majority-owned private equity portfolio companies as of May 2022 agreed to measure their corporate GHG emissions, making Vista one of the first global private equity firms to adopt this measure.

Committed to Net Zero

Vista is proud to be one of the first North American private equity firms to join the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative. In doing so, we are committed to reducing private equity and permanent capital portfolio company emissions by 50% by 2030 and emitting net zero GHG emissions across the portfolio by 2050.

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2021-2022 Offsetting Partnership

We partnered with Clearloop to build 2,403 new solar panels to power 158 homes in an underserved community in Panola, Mississippi with clean energy for the next 40 years.1

Vista purchased 8,212 unverified carbon credits to offset its 2021 GHG emissions and 20,036 unverified carbon credits to offset its 2022 GHG emissions.2


1 Information regarding the project has been obtained from sources outside of Vista, and could prove to be incomplete or inaccurate and is current only as of any specific date(s) noted herein. Vista makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of the information obtained from such sources and Vista takes no responsibility for, and has not independently verified, any such information, which (if incomplete or inaccurate) could materially impact the data reflected.
2 Vista Equity Partners Management, LLC offset its operational emissions from Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 categories 5 (waste generated in operations), 6 (business travel), and partial category 1 (data center services).

2020 Offsetting Partnership

For 2020, we partnered with renewable energy accelerator Clearloop to build 510 new solar panels to power 44 homes in an underserved community in Jackson, Tennessee to guarantee clean energy to the community for the next 40 years. This project advances our commitment to racial equity and climate justice, as it deploys solar energy into African American communities and creates local jobs.

Vista subscribed to Clearloop’s first 1-million-watt solar project by purchasing 6,299 unverified carbon credits.

2019 Offsetting Partnership

Since 2019, Vista has measured and offset its own operational GHG emissions.

For 2019, we purchased carbon credits for the Chyulu Hills REDD+ Project, which helps to protect and improve forest quality in the Tsavo-Amboseli ecosystem in south-eastern Kenya. The project also partners with local communities to provide long-term sustainable financing to maintain the local landscape’s ecological integrity.

Vista purchased 16,927 verified carbon credits, certified by the Verified Carbon Standard.

"As one of the world’s largest private equity investors, we believe there is both a responsibility and an opportunity to make a difference. We consider the positive purpose and impact that Vista can cultivate as central to our business strategy."

David Breach, President and Chief Operating Officer, Vista Equity Partners