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Through investments in our companies, we have gained in-depth knowledge of software organizations and the specific challenges they face. This expertise has culminated as Accelerate: a collection of innovative perspectives on trends in technology and investing, insights on how to accelerate business growth, and solutions to achieve continued success.

Trends In Technology And Investing

Tech Trends Revolutionizing the Way We Do Business
From AI to the IoT to 3D printing, the pace of change is only increasing. The dizzying array of innovations available to businesses create myriad opportunities to catalyze growth and increase their competitive edge — but change can cause uncertainty.
Leadership Priorities for Your Growth Stage
From inception to maturity, business leaders’ priorities change throughout a company’s lifecycle.
How Software Is Revolutionizing the Business World
Innovation is driven by customers who expect speed, agility, automation, and transparency in their exchanges.
Choosing the Best Investment Structure
The pros and cons of minority and majority investments.
What Customers Really Want Out of Customer Service
As today’s consumer becomes more empowered, customer service strategies must evolve to meet their expectations.
Best Practices for Managing Millennials
Understand millennial motivations and adjust management styles to maximize loyalty, engagement, and productivity.
A Guide to Sales Pipeline Optimization
The right pipeline management strategy is critical for improving the sales process to close more deals.
Market Trends in the SaaS Market: What’s Next?
Market opportunities for successful SaaS companies in the coming years.
The Evolving Role of the Chief Growth Officer
The CGO navigates market challenges with one goal in mind: strategic growth.
Evaluating an Outside Investor
Bringing in an outside financial partner requires business owners to weigh a number of key considerations. An investment partner has the power to help achieve tremendous growth. They can also bring a wealth of experience from previous investments.
Strategies for Customer Retention
Don’t undervalue a key revenue driver.
Navigating Market Uncertainty With Certainty
Key priorities that help businesses stay on track.
The Changing Nature of Software Investment
What an influx of nontraditional buyers means for the market.
The Market Conditions That Affect Investment
The external factors investors consider when funding a business.
Removing the Silos Between Sales and Marketing
The end goal for both sales and marketing functions is to increase profit for their organization, and it's particularly beneficial for the two to work together. Department alignment results in more leads, more deals closed, and higher customer retention rates.
How Technology Can Promote Economic Development
By lowering the barriers of social and economic transactions, technology allows people to do business more easily.
The Future of Human Resources
A shift in business perspectives and values has created the need for a new kind of HR.
Preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution
How your business and its employees can become skilled in managing change.
Software Trends Igniting the Technology Industry
Top strategic trends and the role of software in their development.
Navigating Economic Developments
Addressing shifting market dynamics will resonate well with your investors and ensure your business’s continued success.
Attracting Investment: Standing Out From the Crowd
Four tips for showing that your company is the right investment.
Raising Capital: How to Choose the Right Partner
An investor with the right expertise and experience will help your business thrive.
Embracing Change With Confidence
Ways to adapt and thrive in today’s complex and dynamic marketplace.
A Guide to Navigating Growth
Starting a business is a monumental task. Growing a company is practically herculean. While every company faces unique roadblocks as they grow, there are inherent challenges that all businesses face.
How to Find the Right Financial Partner for Growth
When weighing investment, it’s important to understand that the best partnerships don’t always hinge on the numbers.
Identifying the Right Talent for Your Business
Common sense tips for finding and retaining top talent that should be common practice for your business.
Motivating Your Workforce for Growth And Success
Progressive approaches to talent management differentiate market leaders from their peers.
Adapting Mobile Enterprise Strategies
Leveraging new opportunities in a digital and mobile world.
Considering Private Equity: What You Need to Know
The right financial partner can offer opportunities for success and longevity beyond strict monetary factors.
Navigating Definitions of Success
For most business leaders, the notion of success typically surpasses a paycheck or a position of power.