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Scaling Globally with the Right Investment Partner

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Streamlining Property Assessments with High-Res Aerial Imagery

EagleView is improving the roofing insurance industry with artificial intelligence and machine learning. [...]

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Blockchain Technologies

Blockchain is a constantly updated list of transactions which resides across multiple computer [...]

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Removing Silos Between Sales and Marketing

Communication and collaboration are key to working as a team. This is especially [...]

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Teresa Mackintosh, Trintech: Growing Your Business Through Improved Processes

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Raising Capital: How to Choose the Right Partner

One of the biggest impediments to growing your business can be raising capital. [...]

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Navigating Market Uncertainty With Certainty

Uncertainty is ever-present in the modern global economy. Even the most stable economic [...]

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Harnessing the Power of the Vista Ecosystem

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Improving The Higher Education Enrollment Process

EAB is using artificial intelligence to match students with the right institutions. EAB’s [...]

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Subi Krishnan, Finastra: A Digital Transformation Journey

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Allocate Software: Mobilizing the UK’s Healthcare Workforce

As the pandemic overburdens healthcare systems throughout the world, many countries are turning [...]

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Steve Wade, Aspira: Pushing the Boundaries of Success

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Personalizing Consumer Communication

Marketo is harnessing artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive one-to-one marketing engagements. [...]

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Laying the Foundation for Long-Term Growth

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TIBCO AI & ML: Connecting Data to Decision-Making

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Apoorva Nishchal, PowerSchool: Working with Clear Goals and Complete Trust

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