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Inspiring the Next Generation of Technologists

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Rebuilding Trust in the Media-Buying Ecosystem

Mediaocean is using blockchain to bring end-to-end transparency to the media ecosystem. Mediaocean, [...]

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Building a Winning Go-To-Market Strategy

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Legal, Risk & Compliance

NAVEX Global: Providing Risk and Compliance Professionals With Essential Tools

As COVID-19 forced entire workforces to shift to remote environments, ethics and compliance [...]

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Removing Silos Between Sales and Marketing

Communication and collaboration are key to working as a team. This is especially [...]

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Kristin Nimsger, Social Solutions: When Choosing an Investment Partner, Look Beyond Capital

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What Customers Really Want Out of Customer Service

As today’s customer becomes more empowered, customer service strategies must evolve to meet [...]

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Spurring Growth and Innovation

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Amy Zupon, Vertafore: Equipping Your Business To Lead Industry Evolution

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Navigating Definitions of Success

What does it mean to be successful? For most business leaders, success is [...]

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Pursuing A Growth Strategy That Spurs Innovation

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Ping Identity

Scaling Through Technological Innovations and Acquisitions

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Michelle Fischer, Kibo: Gaining a 360-Degree View of Software

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Navigating Market Uncertainty With Certainty

Uncertainty is ever-present in the modern global economy. Even the most stable economic [...]

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Sales & Marketing

Khoros: Guiding Customer Engagement on Social Media

For marketers and customer service representatives, COVID-19 presents a new set of challenges [...]

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Stats Perform AI & ML: Delivering Insights to the Global Sports Community

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