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Through investments in our companies, we have gained in-depth knowledge of software organizations and the specific challenges they face. This expertise has culminated as Accelerate: a collection of innovative perspectives on trends in technology and investing, insights on how to accelerate business growth, and solutions to achieve continued success.

Trends In Technology And Investing

The Technology Trends Revolutionizing the Way We Do Business
From Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the Internet of the Things (IoT) to 3D printing, the pace of technological change is only increasing.
Better Together: How to Align Leadership Priorities with Company Lifecycle
Companies experience various growth stages, each of which introduce a unique set of challenges requiring different resources.
How Software Is Revolutionizing the Business World
Software is an integral aspect of virtually every business worldwide. The increasing pace of industry is driven by customers who expect speed, agility, automation, and transparency in their exchanges.
Minority vs. Majority Raise: Choosing the Best Investment Structure for Your Business
When a company reaches a certain scale, a common question is whether and how to raise capital from investors.
What Customers Really Want Out of Customer Service
The internet has provided customers with a wealth of information about the companies they buy from.
Best Practices for Managing Millennials
According to Pew Research Center, more than one-in-three American workers are millennials, making up the largest share of the U.S. workforce.
A Guide to Sales Pipeline Optimization
Pipeline management is a key factor in sales success. A proper sales pipeline management strategy is critical for evaluating and improving the sales process in order to close more deals.
Market Trends in Software as a Service: What’s Next?
Not too long ago, the average entrepreneur had to invest around $50 million to bring a software company to profitability. The advent of cloud computing and open source technology has deflated this price to $5 million dollars in the last five years.
The Evolving Role of the Chief Growth Officer
As companies strive to increase revenue and remain relevant with segmented customers, a new C-suite position has emerged: Chief Growth Officer (CGO).
Evaluating an Outside Investor
Bringing in an outside financial partner is a transformational decision that has the potential to yield many positive benefits. However, before doing so, this decision requires business owners to weigh a number of key considerations.
Strategies for Customer Retention
In the fast-moving technology landscape, many companies believe that constant expansion of their customer base should be the top priority. However, according to Gartner, 80 percent of a businesses’ future profits are made from just 20 percent of their existing customers.
5 Tips for Successfully Navigating Market Uncertainty
Uncertainty is ever-present in the modern global economy. Even the most stable economic environments are characterized by dips and unknowns that could derail a business.
The Changing Nature of Software Investment
Those following the software market have likely noticed that investors have been stepping up their acquisitions of software companies.
Maneuvering Technology Events
What do investors look for when considering whether to fund a business?
Breaking Down Barriers Between Sales and Marketing Departments
Jack Welch, former CEO of GE, was one of the first proponents of the “boundary-less organization” concept, where teams across functions, geographies, and seniorities worked quickly and efficiently to find solutions and make decisions in real-time.
Digital Technologies Promote Economic Development
As we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the world’s population is poised for immense social and financial growth, driven by advancements in digital technologies.
The Future of Human Resources
The role of human resources (HR) in business has transformed over decades alongside technological advancement and changes in management thinking.
How to Prepare Your Business for the Fourth Industrial Revolution
The “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” a term coined by Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum, marks the next phase in human progress. It represents a technology shift that will alter how we live, work, and relate to one another.
5 Software Trends Revolutionizing the Technology Industry
When most consumers think about the greatest technological innovations over the past several years – or the most exciting breakthroughs ahead – they tend to envision hardware, such as the iPhone, Tesla battery, or self-driving car.
Navigating Economic Developments
Economic developments, both at home and abroad, are difficult to predict. The market landscape can change swiftly and unexpectedly, with results that cascade across your business and impact everything from operations to sales to sourcing.
Differentiating Yourself From The Crowd When Raising Capital
Finding the right equity investor can take time and effort, but it is a process that is well worth the effort.
Raising Capital: Gaining the Right Partner For Success
One of the biggest impediments to growing your business can be raising capital.
Learning to Welcome and Embrace Evolution
Today, business leaders face unprecedented innovation and change across markets and sectors. Every day, companies harness new technologies or repurpose old business models to dismantle previously strong and stable markets.
A Guide to Navigating Growth
Starting a business is a monumental task. Growing a company is practically herculean. While every company faces unique roadblocks as they grow, there are inherent challenges that all businesses face.
How to Find the Right Financial Partner for Growth
When weighing investor fundraising, it’s important to understand that the best partnerships don’t necessarily hinge on the monetary numbers discussed.
Intellectual Capital Part 1: Identifying and Driving the Right Talent for Your Business
Most processes across a business organization can be measured and evaluated – accounting is a numbers game, customer acquisition strategies can be analyzed, and product delivery has clearly defined objectives and results.
Intellectual Capital Part 2: Motivating Your Workforce for Growth And Success
Continuous investment in your people and a purposeful approach to employee satisfaction is often the difference between best in class and the remaining businesses in a sector.
Why Mobile? How Smartphones Have Changed the Business Landscape
While it may seem like the mobile phone is a rudimentary and essential element of life and business today, the possibilities of mobile for the enterprise have yet to be fully realized.
Considering Private Equity To Achieve Growth and Success
Fundraising is often a difficult, yet necessary, task for business owners. Raising capital helps position your business to grow and expand, but choosing the right partner for growth can be a lengthy and arduous process.
Navigating Definitions of Success
What does it mean to be successful? For most business leaders, the notion of success typically surpasses a paycheck or a position of power.