Private Equity Portfolio


Year of Investment: 2015
Portfolio Status: Current
Headquarters: Durham, NC

Automated Insights

Content generation and automation software used to transform data into personalized narratives.

Automated Insights, Inc. provides real-time data analysis and content generation solutions to customers in over 50 industries, including financial services, e-commerce, sports and entertainment, real estate, business intelligence, and media. The Company’s Wordsmith platform is the world’s first open natural language generation engine, efficiently transforming hard data into personalized content, allowing customers to more easily share insights and stories at scale. The platform makes it easy to produce millions of personalized reports, articles and narratives in the time it takes to write just one; Automated Insights customers produce over 1.5 billion pieces of content per year. 

Automated Insights was founded in 2007 and is based in Durham, NC.

The Company is a subsidiary of STATS, LLC. STATS LLC, a portfolio company of Vista Fund IV, completed an acquisition of Automated Insights in February 2015.