Vista Intelligence Group


Vista Intelligence Group (VIG) is the division of VCG that drives Vista’s big data and strategic intelligence. Together with our portfolio companies, we transform software to ensure continued market leadership in an intelligence driven economy and capitalize on the emergence of the Internet of Things. 

VIG identifies, develops, and deploys software to deliver real-time, differentiated, and actionable intelligence, driving industry transformation and associated value creation. Using data assets and data derived intelligence, the VIG team partners with industry and portfolio companies to create disruptive and compelling new offerings.

VIG uses industry-leading technologies for data aggregation and analysis to derive insights and enable our portfolio companies to maximize their data intelligence opportunities. Our team of engineers, data scientists, and domain experts employ advanced technologies – including machine learning, deep learning, and AI systems – to run computational analytics, build representational models, and enable software applications with predictive and prescriptive analytics.

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