Value Creation

Operational Strength & Growth Strategies

We rely on operational improvements and growth strategies to create value. Partnership across management teams, investment, and operating professionals allows for a unique approach to increase predictability and build sustainable, lasting value in our companies. We seek to:

  • Attract, train, and retain the best people
  • Improve products to meet the needs of consumers today and tomorrow
  • Build solutions that create the greatest economic value for a software company
  • Expand sales
  • Optimize overall service quality for customers
  • Innovate to remain industry leaders
Vista strikes a fantastic balance: diving into the details to help us solve our challenges, while at the same time, providing my team the freedom to innovate.
–Art Papas, Bullhorn

Proven Approach


Vista provides unmatched industry know-how with a seasoned team of investment and operating professionals
Vista offers the experience of an established investor, one who focuses exclusively on the software, data, and technology sectors and has demonstrated repeated success across our investments


Vista offers both financial and intellectual capital in partnership with management teams to create value in our companies
Vista is rethinking the role of private equity, from a transactional capital investor to a value-adding partner, offering a proven strategy for both scale and longevity to the organizations we invest in


Vista builds sustainable, lasting value through proven operational and growth strategies
Vista aims to bring sustainable growth and lasting value to our companies, including their customers and employees, while delivering consistent financial returns to our limited partners