Private Equity Portfolio


Year of Investment: 2017
Portfolio Status: Current
Headquarters: Chicago, IL


Market intelligence data provider for brands, agencies, and retailers.

Numerator is a market intelligence firm that brings together omnichannel marketing, merchandising, and sales data to make pursuing new possibilities simple for brand, retail, and agency clients. Numerator is the only company in the marketplace to connect omnichannel purchase data and comprehensive path data to deliver an unmatched view of the consumer shopping and purchase experience. The Company serves over 2,000 customers across a wide variety of market intelligence categories.

Numerator is based in Chicago, IL with additional operations across the USA, Canada, U.K., and Australia.

Vista Equity Partners Fund VI acquired Market Track, a leading provider of global omnichannel market intelligence, in June 2017 and subsequently acquired InfoScout, America’s largest omnichannel consumer purchase panel, in July 2017. The combined company rebranded under the name Numerator in October 2018.