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Environmental, Social and Governance Practices

Environmental, Social and Governance Practices

We believe the transformative power of technology is the key to an even better future – a smarter economy, a healthier planet, diverse and inclusive communities, and a broader path to prosperity.

Our Commitment to Stakeholders

We recognize the opportunity and responsibility we have to make a positive impact on the world through our business and investment decisions. Our environmental, social and governance (ESG) policy reflects our commitment to creating value for all of our stakeholders and adhering to the highest standards of integrity throughout the lifecycle of each investment.

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Vista ESG and DE&I Report

The Transformative Power of Technology

Climate change, inequity and the persistence of a global pandemic are among the most critical challenges of our time. Our ESG and DE&I report offers an overview of our progress and long-term initiatives to address the challenges we face and create meaningful impact in our world.

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Guiding Principles


Ensure proper labor and working conditions to safeguard the health and safety of Vista employees and employees at Vista portfolio companies.


Encourage a culture of meritocracy, fairness and transparency.


Promote honesty, integrity, fairness and respect in all of our business practices.


Protect the privacy of confidential consumer and corporate information through our own operations and those of Vista portfolio companies.


Provide stakeholders with clear, transparent information regarding ESG risks.


Ensure and continuously improve the environmental responsibility and energy efficiency of our firm and our portfolio companies.


Promote the development of our communities and use our position as a community leader to provide charitable contributions, with a focus on job training and opportunity, access to education, supporting the arts and culture, and protecting our health and environment.

ESG Overview

Environmental Practices

Driving positive change throughout our global economy.

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Social Engagement

Creating equitable opportunities that strengthen our shared workforce.

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Governance Strategy

Delivering a modern structure for responsible leadership at scale.

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