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Automated Insights (Ai) is the creator of Wordsmith, the natural language generation (NLG) software that turns structured data into narratives that are indistinguishable from human-written content. This automated content can be used for important communication with customers, external publishing, or internal monitoring and knowledge sharing—all at a scale that would be impossible with manual efforts alone. In 2016, our Wordsmith platform turned raw data into 1.5 billion written narratives for clients like Activision, Yahoo!, and the Associated Press.

At Automated Insights, we are dedicated to treating all Ai-ers with respect, dignity, autonomy, and generosity and creating a best-in-career work experience for every employee. Our core values include “Enjoy the Journey”, “Choose to be Positive” and “No Jerks”. We know that having an excellent company culture is an advantage, and we've been recognized for ours. Automated Insights has been named a Best Place to Work in the Triangle five out of the last six years, and we're proud to have created an environment that empowers our team to do their best work.


Sales Trainer Job Description


Why does the role exist?

To design and deliver sales training and certification that helps both new and tenured sellers sell deals faster, sell more deals, and sell larger deals.


What would I do?  

  • Work with the head of Sales to design a training strategy/curriculum based on the organization’s objectives
  • Work with colleagues across multiple functions (e.g. Sales, Marketing, Product, HR) to develop sales training content
  • Facilitate training and certification
  • Schedule and manage all sales training programs across the year
  • Track/measure the impact of training and adapt the curriculum accordingly


What’s cool about the job?

  • Develop and build curriculum from the ground up.
  • Set/shape the organization’s sales training strategy/curriculum
  • Identify and create innovative approaches to improving seller performance
  • Get to the root causes of seller underperformance
  • Work with colleagues across multiple functions


What’s hard about the job?

  • Managing multiple projects at once
  • Continually updating training content as the pace of change increases
  • Influencing others to provide support and adhere to deadlines
  • Balancing unlimited demand with limited resources


What prior experience is required?

  • Sales Experience preferred
  • 2+ years of Sales Training/Facilitation Experience
  • Curriculum Design
  • Training Facilitation & Certification
  • Experience listening in on sales calls, and providing coaching and feedback preferred


What skills and knowledge are required?

  • Exceptional Written & Verbal Communications
  • Problem Solving
  • Organization
  • Process/Project Management
  • Interpersonal Skills/Emotional Intelligence