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Front-End Engineer


Khoros | 3060: Partner Solutions Group | Austin, TX

Khoros in Austin is looking to add more stellar Front-End Engineers to our already-awesome engineering team.

We operate multiple SaaS applications in the Social Media space. We work in small startup-like teams and love delivering value to our customers through shipping code. We deploy as often as we can, and would love for you to deploy to production on day one.

We’re hiring frontend engineers to help us solve challenging problems using React and other, open source technologies.

You are...


  •  A software engineer with 3-6 years industry experience who loves creating and shipping products
  •  An effective communicator who listens empathetically and articulates ideas well
  •  Committed to your continued learning and growth as a technologist

You have...


  •  A passion for JavaScript and UX
  •  Experience with building scalable single-page web apps in modules
  •  Familiarity with  React, Backbone, and/or other JavaScript MV* frameworks
  •  Familiarity with ES6, webpack, socket.io, and node
  •  Worked closely with other engineers, collaborating via git, pull requests and code reviews

You will…


  •  Work with a sharp, tight-knit engineering team on impactful projects
  •  Contribute to software design, architecture, documentation, development and deployment efforts
  •  Collaborate with design and product teammates to build products that will generate the most value for customers
  •  Build software using a modern stack and robust deployment tooling, leveraging Kafka, ElasticSearch, SOLR, Cassandra, MySQL, Postgres, and Kubernetes as well cloud-native services like DynamoDB, Kinesis, and Lambda