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Business Intelligence Data Quality Analyst I

Entry Level

Jamf | 650 - Business Operations

Business Intelligence at Jamf is responsible for all data reporting and visibility at Jamf. This includes creation, management, and ongoing support for growing data creation systems at Jamf. The Data Quality Analyst is an integral member of the Business Intelligence team, responsible to define and ultimately improve the overall data quality within core systems.

The Data Quality Analyst I works with the Data Analysts and Data Engineers to understand where we are experiencing data quality issues and business processes that generate errant data. They collaborate to define key data attributes, understand the business processes that generate the data, and find ways to ensure it is continuously accurate. Creating and adhering to the data quality metrics for the BI team is a part of the Data Quality Analyst’s responsibility, making sure the data is used appropriately and accurately at Jamf


  • Define data health metrics for important measurements and KPIs
  • Understand impact of data quality issues and the business impact
  • Develop and execute on data cleanliness activities
  • Analyze and monitor business processes that create errant data
  • Validate data integrity during any data transformation and loading activities. Collaborate with Data engineers to develop solutions to enforce data quality
  • Collaborate with Data Engineers to resolve issues prioritized against business impact
  • Collaborate with Data Analysts to understand usage of the data within the business
  • Engage with the Business Intelligence team, supporting the business goals of the team
  • Maintain an understanding of the tools we have to enforce data quality, and suggest areas for improvement
  • Seek other data inputs and work to transform that data into usable formats
  • Define data attributes that are meaningful to the everyday Jamf
  • Document the definition of key values used at Jamf
  • Ensure data is easily understood and reported on by any member of the Jamf team
Skills & Requirements


  • 4 year / Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics, Computer Science or related field (Required)
  • A combination of relevant experience and education may be considered
  • No Licensure or Certification Required.
  • Experience in a customer centric environment (Required)
  • 6 months - 2 years experience in extraction, transformation, and loading of large data sets (Required)
  • Experience extracting, modifying, and updating data from Salesforce (Required)
  • Experience using SQL, python, R, or similar tools to extract and analyze data sets (Required)
  • Working within a fast paced, iterative shipping environment
  • Experience with Tibco (or similar) to perform automated ETL functions (Preferred)