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Principal Architect


TIBCO | 60700 Alpine R&D | San Francisco, CA

As an Principle Architect for Tibco Data Science you will enhance and extent the capabilities of a leading commercial data science platform used in the fields of and in exciting areas such as text mining, signal processing, and deep learning. You will leverage the power of analytic data bases and technologies such as Spark and Hadoop. You will aim to develop powerful functions that are still easy to use. You will develop features end-to-end for real customers. You will contribute to open-source projects such as MLlib.
Spotfire Data Science performs complex algorithms in parallel, and scales to many billions of rows and thousands of variables. Candidates must have strong programming skills, experience with big data analytic technologies and a strong desire to work with the latest distributed computing technologies.
Skills & Requirements

  • Lead the development of a massively-scalable analytic and machine learning platform built on Hadoop and Spark
  • Work on the full stack of application development, using agile practices, from concept phase through testing and launch
  • Evolve our analytics plug-in framework to create a marketplace of scalable analytic tools
  • Contribute to open-source projects for data mining and machine learning