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Senior Account Executive


TIBCO | 73730 Jaspersoft Sales Direct EMEA | Munich,

Want to sell the software that empowers millions of people every day to make faster decisions by providing timely, actionable data embedded inside their apps and business processes? At TIBCO, we thrive to make a difference by doing work we are passionate about.

If this appeals to you, and if you believe that these traits are within you or are what you aspire to be – then we might be right for each other.

Skills & Requirements

  • We want Researchers who can grasp their customers market and competitive landscape.
  • We want Analysts who go beyond the black and white of an annual report to understand their customers business model, financial state and strategy.
  • We want Entrepreneurs who are inquisitive about the potential transformation of their customers operating model.
  • We want Thought Leaders that can establish networks and build relationships based on integrity, trust & inspiration. 
  • We want Business People who appreciate what the software does – but are much more interested in articulating the business outcomes that it can enable.
  • We want Leaders that can quickly identify and mobilize the right teams, at the right time, to deliver the best outcome for their customers.
  • We want Storytellers that can inspire change.
  • We want Negotiators who are articulate and balanced in their ability to structure innovative and sometimes, complex agreements.
  • We want Team Players who share their ideas and knowledge and inspire people around them.