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Marketing Content Specialist

Entry Level

TIBCO | 70110 Sales Enablement | Greenwood Village, CO

Our company is in need of a talented Content Writer to create compelling blog posts, white papers, product descriptions, internal communications content and web copy. We’re looking for someone who will help us expand our digital footprint and drive more value through online content. The ideal candidate should have a proven track record of producing pieces that increase engagement and drive leads. This position requires a high level of creativity, as well as the ability to use data-driven insights to write better material. The successful candidate should also be detail-oriented and committed to meeting tight deadlines. Preference will be given to those with a strong writing portfolio, bachelor’s degree and relevant work experience.
Skills & Requirements

  • Understands how search engines work and what people search for when they are looking for a particular information. The ability to use SEO best practices to his/her advantage is a must. Staying on top of SEO trends is critical for the success of this role.
  • Content writing requires great organization, research and learning skills.  Research and learning skills are extremely critical as TIBCO builds new products and technologies. Getting the word out sooner is of extreme importance.
  • The role will require regularly creating various content types but not limited to emails, white papers, blogs, solution briefs, landing page content, etc.
  • Needs to be an excellent listener. Creating awesome content requires working across multiple groups (both technical and non technical). Understanding various aspects of how the technology works, the use cases that it is intended to address and translating it to a simple yet engaging content requires great listening skills.
  • Provides editorial support to content written by various people within the organization.
  • Brings an analytical mindset to continuously analyze marketing metrics and change the content as needed to increase leads.
  • Participates actively in campaign calls to understand various campaigns and how best to address campaign needs by creating content that help make campaigns a success.
  • Understands  the buyer’s journey and personas very  well and addresses various aspects of the journey with content.
  • Absolutely needs to be passionate about writing!