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Role Description

The Product Manager is the voice of the customer and is a crucial member of the Agile Scrum Team to ensure that products and features are executed according to the product vision. The Product Managers key responsibility is the product backlog and the prioritization of stories and defects. The Product Manager is responsible for the role as, “Product Owner” in the agile scrum team.

As Product Owner he/she is empowered to accept new stories and defects into any given development sprint cycle. The Product Owner is responsible for working closely and directly with the Senior Product Manager and other stakeholders as needed to define, prioritize and execute solutions that address the needs of a product.

The Product Owner is co-located with the Scrum Team allowing for excellent collaboration, product management and quality. The Product Owner will have the ability to present effectively and clearly on any new product or feature launch. As the voice of the customer the Product Manager/Owner will still be required to travel, observing our market landscape.

Skills & Requirements

Responsibilities -

Team Member of the Agile Scrum Team as Product Owner

- Creates & Maintains the Product Backlog

- Prioritizes the Backlog according to the Product Vision

- Creates Epics, Stories and Defects with acceptance criteria

- Helps Estimate work items with the Scrum Team

- Responsible for Defect Escalation

- Voice of the Customer and sets vision in the Scrum Team

- Participates in Daily Scrum, Grooming, Planning & Retrospective

- Demo’s the Product Progress in Sprint Review

- Trains on the Product for our internal uses monthly

- Decision Maker when adding and removing work items in Sprint

- Observing & Managing sprint velocity within the ScrumTeam.

Visits customers when needed to gain insight

- Works directly and closely with the Senior Product Manager

- Builds key relationships with the ScrumTeam & ScrumMaster


- Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience.

- Excellent Communication both verbal and written

- Experience creating wireframes or mockups allowing clear collaboration with designers and engineers

- Agile Product Management experience desired

- Automotive Industry knowledge and experience is a positive

- Track record for excellent collaboration with team members regarding product knowledge, delivery and enhancement

- Ability to exercise tact and good interpersonal skills

- Highly motivated and passionate to work in a fast agile environment and with the ability to adapt to change *DealerSocket Responsibilities

- Sprint Review Presenter

- Train the Trainer Representative

- Works closely with a Senior Product Manager

- Backlog Grooming, Planning and Sprint Retrospective Representative

- Scrum Team Member

- Defect Escalation Contact