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Chief of Staff


EagleView Technologies | Executives & Managers | Bellevue, WA

The Chief of Staff will ensure the timely and accurate completion of multiple strategic initiatives occurring simultaneously.  The person in this role will be responsible for providing analytical support, consulting and cross-functional implementation leadership.

If you are adept at hard analytical and soft people skills, and able to adapt to rapidly changing business needs, then this job can provide a great deal of personal satisfaction. Strengths in business process assessment, measurement and re-engineering are key, as is the ability to leverage technology to implement business solutions.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Develop, launch, manage and complete the successful installation of strategic initiatives that enable revenue growth and improve company profitability and efficiency
  • Track the efficacy of various initiatives and help implement the appropriate reporting and metrics to ensure desired results are being achieved
  • Work with executives and division managers on cross-company projects
  • Work with the CEO and CFO in M&A strategy efforts to help drive integration of synergistic acquisitions
  • Act as point of contact for strategic interactions with Clearlake Capital Group and Vista Equity Partners
  • Act as an adviser to the CEO and senior management team
  • Assist the CEO in facilitating effective decision-making
  • Assess inquiries directed to the CEO, determine the proper course of action and delegate to the appropriate individual to manage
  • Ensure all staff issues are addressed properly, efficiently and judiciously, and keep track of progress until resolved
Skills & Requirements

  • Master’s Degree in Business Administration or related field preferred; BA/BS required
  • 10+ years experience in a combination of operations, strategy, investment banking, operations, supply chain, consulting or an equivalent field
  • 5+ years’ executive level experience
  • Large program management experience
  • Able to comfortably dive into any area of the business or product, understand business needs, and facilitate executive decisions based on changing priorities
  • Financial prowess and ability to create budgets, models, etc.; a spreadsheet junkie
  • Natural, confident leadership style
  • Proven track record of effectively interacting with senior management
  • A good sounding board for others, with low ego, and ability to anticipate the needs of a busy executive and his/her direct staff
  • Highest level of integrity and management of confidential information
  • Ability to work strategically and collaboratively across departments
  • Effective, versatile and action-oriented
  • Excellent communicator in written and verbal form; ability to work well with executives, and able to lead and influence across multiple levels and multiple functions of an organization
  • Proven ability to track, prioritize, and drive multiple concurrent projects to success. This position is expected to utilize data and metrics to communicate needs with the ease of a business unit owner