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Technical Trainer

Entry Level

SecureLink | Information Technology | Austin, TX

Who We Are

Astronauts needed for a mission.

At the risk of sounding immodest, SecureLink may be the coolest company you’ve never heard of. After 14 years in business, we announced a strategic investment from Vista Equity Partners in 2017. Vista is the leading technology investment firm focusing exclusively on software, data, and technology-enabled companies. With our partners, existing customers, products and people, we are excited to launch the company to a higher orbit.

SecureLink is the leading platform for secure, remote support of enterprise software. Our customers are top-tier names in healthcare, gaming, government, retail, legal and other highly-regulated industries.

SecureLink’s world headquarters in West Austin is called the Hill Country Spaceship - a great facility we believe you would be proud to call your workplace.  https://www.securelink.com/about/tourthespaceship/


What You’ll Do

Internally the Technical Trainer is known as a Professional Services Engineer. The primary purpose of this role is to deliver exceptional customer service delivering training, onboarding, and detailed consulting concerning our product, features, and industry-specific use cases. This role will demonstrate technical knowledge of our various product modules and configurations and be the utmost authority ensuring customers use the product to its fullest. Users look to this role for best practices and prescriptive advice to help them solve complex business challenges. Day-to-day responsibilities include delivery of the following services:

  • Training
  • Consulting
  • Implementation
  • Onboarding
  • Technical Services
  • Work with Project and Technical resources for new implementations to ensure the product will meet business needs
  • Analyze and make recommendations for every customer at least once per year to ensure the product is meeting stated business needs and best practices are being adhered to
  • Serve as the escalation resource for all advanced or complex use product questions
  • Maintain and create training documentation to provide self-guided learning for new features and configurations
  • Proactively implement best practices and training based on feedback and analytics for customers
  • Actively onboard customers’ vendors and clients into the solution including best practices and security consulting, configuration and connectivity testing
  • Research industry standards and requirements for compliance, security, and standard use cases to provide insightful consulting and services
Skills & Requirements

What You’ll Need

  • Experience and aptitude with a high-tech computer and networking environment
  • Familiar with SQL, Networking, and SalesForce
  • Experience with escalation management using strong problem-solving skills
  • Software technical support and/or training
  • Working knowledge of risk and compliance terminology
  • Excellent knowledge of SecureLink product functionality
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
  • Basic understanding of Business Analytics
  • Risk Analysis

Why Choose Us

SecureLink doesn’t just Have Fun Creating Value Over the Long Run (HFCV/LR) for our customers and shareholders, we Have Fun Creating Value in the lives and careers of our employees. Benefits and perks include:

  • Health: Medical, dental and vision insurance - SecureLink foots the whole bill for employees and subsidizes dependent coverage at 75%!
  • Wellness: SecureLink kicks cash into your HSA, $2,500 for those with individual coverage and $5,000 for those with family coverage. Employees are provided with a standing desk, healthy snacks, and have free access to an onsite gym.
  • Retirement: SecureLink contributes 3% of your annual base salary to a 401k.
  • Time off: Employees receive unlimited PTO, including time to volunteer. Additionally, we offer 10 paid company holidays.
  • Perks: Our onsite kitchen provides employees with healthy options for breakfast & lunch every day. We kick back $100 per month towards cell phone reimbursement.
  • Workspace: Casual dress code for our employees, and you will see many people around wearing jeans, and yes – even t-shirts and the occasional pair of flip-flops.


What Else?

Happy and successful SecureLink employees embrace the company’s mission to have fun creating value over the long run. Great employees have three attributes that make them “slinky”. These are 1) excellence at their position, 2) eagerness to grow and improve and 3) a true sense of responsibility to meaningfully contribute to the company, customers, and culture.

If you are just looking for another job, this is not the place for you.  We like to laugh and be around happy, smart, interesting, self-motivated and “slinky” people.  Slackers, grumps, and pessimists need not apply.