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Mid-Market Customer Success Content Creator


Trintech | Sales/Marketing | Addison, TX

We’re launching a new mid-market division that will rely heavily on customer self-serve. In order for us to be successful in this endeavor, we’re looking for someone passionate about customers and e-learning who has several years of experience writing content. You’ll have a team of subject matter experts and others to work with to provide you with lots of material we need turned into customer facing copy. This will include help articles, scripts and decks for webinars and videos, a customer newsletter, and other customer facing needs. You’ll be teamed up with an e-learning systems and process expert who will leverage the content you create to build out the program.

Key Responsibilities

  • Attain/maintain knowledge necessary to be fluent in all products for which you create material and train, including the business purpose(s) of each, how to use them, and when the systems are used as well as how end users are utilizing each application.
  • Collaborate with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Customer Success Trainers, and other key stakeholders to develop content and scripts for use in our hands-on training environment, training webinars and videos, methodology, customer newsletter, and other customer facing needs.
  • Provide timely feedback to other members of the Training and Documentation teams and assist where needed in the development of training programs including creating, reviewing and editing assigned training materials.
  • Assist with the design, creation, recording, and editing of product training webinars, remote training classes, just-in-time videos and animated infographics for our accounting software product suite.
  • Employ creative design skills to produce supporting interactive materials/media (graphical, audio, video, simulations, role plays, games and testing) to engage different learning styles.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
Skills & Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree (Accounting or Business) preferred or equivalent experience.
  • Must possess 1+ years of experience in corporate finance
  • Must possess 4+ years of experience working in a content creation or copy writing role
  • Must possess working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Ability to manage multiple assignments simultaneously.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, as well as strong presentation, facilitation, research and analytical skills.
  • Experience with Trintech products is highly favorable.

Characteristics of an Ideal Candidate

  • You have a deep understanding of user features and can easily demonstrate these features with minimal preparation.
  • You are a resourceful and active learner and continually demonstrate that ability and drive.
  • You work well as part of a team in addition to working independently
  • You are able to provide the end user perspective for new software features being designed.
  • You escalate as needed ensuring your manager is aware of any risks and challenges.
  • You follow through on promises and meet deadlines.
  • You are a good coach to all and are coachable.
  • You take ownership of your projects and empower yourself to improve on any processes that can be re-evaluated
  • You are open and honest with communication.
  • You possess a strong customer service orientation, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills