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Member Technical Staff, Sr


TIBCO | 62750 Mashery R&D | Seattle, WA

At TIBCO Mashery, you'll have the opportunity to contribute to a distributed and highly-scaled multi-tenant SaaS service that manages billions of API calls per day. You will design the rich, modern web applications, tools and API interfaces that enable our customers to manage (and distribute access to) their APIs. Our customers will use this platform of applications and services to put those APIs in the hands of a global engineering community, where the data fuels applications of all kinds - on a massive scale.  
Skills & Requirements

As a Senior Software Engineer you will:

  • design, develop and support full-stack solutions for products and features across TIBCO Mashery’s offering
  • design and scaffold the UI/UX for modern web apps to delight our customers, and their engineering communities
  • bring your rich expertise to bear on exciting challenges  

As an engineering professional on the Mashery Web Apps team you will pride yourself on  

  • championing strategies to increase internal efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • owning your ideas from inception to deployment
  • efficient, effective, and timely communication  
  • mentoring your more junior peers on patterns and practices
  • learning from your team to solve problems and discover solutions  
  • owning your success, and encouraging the success of the team
  • 'failing fast', and moving forward with new knowledge
  • knowing how to measure 'success'
  • thorough root-cause analysis