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Computational Mathematician, Software Engineer


Numerator | Engineering | Chicago, IL

Design and proof math models for receipt transcription and consumer application team, working closely with software engineers and designers. The primary responsibility of this position is to solve technical problems using computer science and systems development approaches in areas that require mathematical and/or statistical methods and knowledge. It will require the development, support, and maintenance of a reusable math tool framework. This position must demonstrate a high degree of initiative and is accountable for the thorough implementation of all tasks assigned.


  • Responsible for the automated processing of over 300k receipt images per day extracting relevant information.
  • Run data through a several mathematical processes such as computer vision, OCR, machine learning, and big data to be able to efficiently transform and load this data into our data warehouse.
  • Leverage cohort analysis to develop user retention math curves for mobile user engagement. 
  • Optimize millions of data points a day in internal our systems.  
  • Utilize expert knowledge of programming languages, software development, design patterns and object-oriented programming to identify, research and solve software engineering problems.
  • Implement ingestion pipeline to pull receipt data from vendor API to internal data lake and run statistical checks to ensure accurate data 
  • Use written code to verify, debug and further develop mobile game models.
  • Other duties as assigned. 
Skills & Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in mathematics, physics, computer science or related discipline.
  • Minimum of 5 years of working knowledge in the areas of applied mathematics, probability and statistics.
  • Experience in the design, development, use, and evaluation of mathematics models, methods, and/or techniques (e.g., algorithm development) to study issues and solve problems.
  • Familiar with the algorithms in the areas of data mining, machine learning, and AI.
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience in SQL, GIT, Python, Flask, Javascript, Pandas, C+/.Net, React, Django. 
  • Ability to work effectively independently and within teams across functional areas.

Preferred Skills

  • Master’s degree in mathematics, physics, computer science or related discipline.
  • Big Data Certification (edX in Apache Spark)