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Operations Development Manager


Numerator | Operations | Vadodara, Gujarat


The Person will be focused to establish Operational Excellence at Numerator Ops. Department to continuously improve Operational processes to make them more efficient, reliable and cost effective. The person will directly lead efforts to establish and sustain a mindset and culture of Operational Excellence (OE) and Continuous Improvement (CI) across Numerator. This person will devise strategies and tactics for effective deployment of OE/CI approaches, methodologies, tools and training to assure long-term sustainable improvement and growth thereby improving the flow of value and its delivery to the customer. Development Manager will be one of the most important enablers to achieve the long-term vision of making “World Class Numerator Operation (Ops.) Center”.


Strategy & Planning

  •  Work closely with Operations Directors, Managers and Leads to devise short- and long-term OE strategies and a strategic roadmap in alignment with overall Ops. strategy to ensure robust OE & CI culture deployment for sustained and long-term business benefits.
  •  Develops plans for initiatives based on OE strategic road map and timely deployment.
  •  Ensure alignment with corporate and business expectations on CI targets.
  •  Work seamlessly with Leadership team to identify strategic projects at Numerator end.

Program Management

  •  Design and drive process improvement projects in collaboration with Ops. Team
  •  Collaborates with Ops. leadership to ensure OE programs/projects deliver intended business and customer value.
  •  Conduct review of projects and ensure successful and on time completion of projects
  •  Plans and schedules Team Member assignments and meetings; designs and facilitates productive team meetings
  •  Creates motivated and high-involvement Project Teams by using active listening skills, stimulating innovation, and providing clear direction and performance rewards/ recognition.


  •  Exhibits sense of urgency and champions change that pushes for continuous improvement across Ops. Team and partner end resulting into efficiency improvement, sustained quality and lower operating cost.
  •  Lead, coach and mentor project teams and other CI initiatives without reporting authority and bring in business benefits.
  •  Exercises advanced technical competency in CI tools, underlying principles and methodology to improve in-house and partner processes.


  •  Develops and promotes standard OE approach and OE/CI toolbox, utilizing multiple methodologies (e.g. Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizen etc.) and related tools as appropriate in an integrated toolbox approach.
  •  Develops standard process for engaging OE/CI resources in support of operations and support functions.
  •  KRA alignment of Ops. TLs and supervisors to promote and deploy deep rooted OE/CI culture.
  •  Deploy RnR mechanism to motivate people in participating CI culture.
  •  Devise and implement frameworks to assess Quality Management Systems to achieve better efficiency and customer experience.
  •  Collaborate with Leadership Team to ensure layered KPI deployment and strategy deployment.
  •  Mentoring Six Sigma GB/BB projects for timely and successful closure of the projects.
  •  Conduct periodic reviews of CI initiatives along with Operations Director to ensure employee engagement.

Build Continuous Improvement Culture

  •  Deploy various initiatives for Continuous Improvement culture.
  •  Design and implement awareness programs, campaigns and RnR modules to motivate people in participation in CI initiatives.