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TIBCO | 60700 Alpine R&D | Pune,

  • TIBCO Statistica is a well-established and highly regarded Enterprise-level provider of Statistical Analysis / Quality and Process Control / Data Mining / Machine Learning / Big Data Analytics solutions. Our customers use these solutions to solve real life problems by turning their raw data into actionable, automated decisions.
  •  Our R&D team is in need of a motivated and experienced software engineer who has experience with system development in MS Windows environments, various Microsoft development stacks and languages, as well as modern desktop and web development practices and is ready to learn and grow on the job. 
  • While TIBCO as a whole is a Silicon Valley powerhouse of everything-data, from data integration and virtualization to streaming analytics, the Statistica R&D team is compact enough to get a clear feel of how a software development team acts as a whole to plan, design, implement and deliver results. As a software engineer, you will take part in all aspects of the software life cycle and will have exposure to a wide range of Enterprise-level technologies, as well as an opportunity to grow your expertise on topics ranging from scripting and automation to core system programming and software architecture, as well as various analytic frameworks and environments..
  • Our software engineers are multidisciplinary generalists. They must be fast learners who are creative, articulate, and able to collaborate with others. It’s also important to be customer-focused and have a passion for software and the data that drives it. If you are able to thrive in fast-paced environments and are up to the challenge, let us know! By the way, we are a diverse workplace. It’s not just a slogan, but a reality.

Skills & Requirements

  • You will work in a collaborative environment with Development, QA, Support, Product Management, and other Statistica teams.
  • Your primary job responsibilities will be to collect and define requirements for customer/market-driven software features, design, implement and test them within the constraints and capabilities of the Statistica framework, as well as support and maintain its various existing components.
  • You will also troubleshoot and resolve issues in development, test, and production environments.