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Instructional Design Intern

Entry Level

PowerSchool | Product Management | Folsom, CA

When you take an online course or tutorial, do you dream of being the person behind the scenes creating engaging and memorable experiences that help others learn most effectively?

If you said yes, and you are not afraid to constantly step out of your comfort zone, an internship with us may be just what you’ve been dreaming of!

As an Intern, you will have the opportunity to independently research, as well as collaborate with subject matter experts to develop the curriculum for an innovative career advancement program, designed to teach and expand the key skills and behaviors of some of our most critical roles in Product Management. You must be an excellent storyteller who can translate complex scenarios into engaging and consumable content, so learners look forward to the next step in their growth!

You will learn:

-Articulate 360, an industry-leading e-learning authoring platform
-Project Management
-Incentive and influence-based techniques for participation in the program
-Incorporating training into a Community of Practice (CoP)
-Ins and outs of Product Management at the Enterprise level
-How a Learning Management System (LMS) can be leveraged to drive employee development at scale
-How to effectively beta test your programs, and incorporate feedback

Skills & Requirements

You’d be great for this opportunity if you are:

-Passionate about your own learning and pushing your skills into unfamiliar territory
-Skilled in research with the drive to quickly learn to design, review, test and deploy online training resources
-Someone who believes in showing work-in-progress and thrives in an environment where you can give and receive feedback to produce the best results
-Experienced in or have coursework in one or more of the following areas: eLearning, instructional design, lesson creation, in-class content creation and assessments
-A problem solver who can’t stop thinking about improving the way things work and enjoys finding creative solutions
-A self-starter who can iterate quickly through brainstorming and design cycles and keep tasks organized
-Always excited to learn new tools and unafraid of technology

Your responsibilities will include:

-Design and build learning paths to help our Product team members progress toward key objectives
-Create course content that engages the Product Management team, increases retention, builds key skills and knowledge, and drives sustained behavior change
-Select the most effective format for each learning topic, including audio, video, scenario simulations, illustration and animations, working directly with the Graphic Designer to bring your curriculum to life
-Develop assessments to determine the effectiveness of each course, including both traditional assessments and more modern learning games embedded within your courses
-Oversee the curriculum and individual course launches through all stages: design, build, review, test, pilot and deployment