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Senior Product Manager (Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning)


PowerSchool | Product Management

This position is responsible for the delivery of new modules, use cases, high-value extensions and enhancements to PowerSchool’s analytics product portfolio. Leveraging your ability to organize and motivate teams within an incremental delivery environment, you will work with stakeholders, data scientist, and software engineers to translate machine learning related product directives into actionable backlog deliverables and follow through to prototypes and subsequent completion. This position will follow the Agile development process, driven by the evolution of an idea to its ultimate delivery to market with an advanced ability to create actionable execution plans and clearly articulate requirements and priorities to the data science scrum team. Working with product management and subject matter experts, you will apply incremental delivery principles to working practices, driving the delivery of value through your teams; communicating progress, eliciting feedback and enabling stakeholder reviews for validation in the process. 

Essential duties and responsibilities include the following. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

• Formulate an advanced analytics / AI-ML centric vision for K-12 and distill that vision into a product roadmap 

• Develop thorough understanding of K-12 market and its needs, problem areas, and current workflows to clearly identify use cases that are ripe for advanced analytics 

• Adept at understanding all the data (K-12) and how the data can be applied to variety of use cases and making choices about applicability of certain data elements in a scenario

• Collaborate with product managers across PowerSchool product portfolio to identify new advanced analytics / AI – ML uses cases 

• Partner with data engineers and data scientist to ideate, prioritize and deliver great AI-ML solutions for K-12 users 

• Effectively and proactively communicate with customers and build a trusted advisor relationship to drive piloting of various AI-ML use cases, evangelize solutions, and build customer confidence to onboard use cases into products

• Conduct user research and lightweight tests to scope out and prioritize AI-ML initiatives that are most valuable for customers with monetization potential 

• Deliver validated AI-ML use cases into a product by creating a seamless experience for the customer (ease of understanding and zero-friction adoption)

• Improve organizations performance on delivering use cases in products by managing the cross functional development scope with cross-product Product Managers, Product Owners and Scrum teams. 

• Translate product directives into backlog items, effectively representing customer needs. Serve as the primary source of external information for the Scrum teams, offering clear definitions of the targeted capability, the intended value to the customer, and functional/non-functional requirements framing the scope of the capability – independent of implementation.

• Play a leadership role in the Scrum team to ensure that capabilities are in-scope, on-time and of high quality, participating in all team ceremonies including standups, planning, review and retrospectives 

• Manage backlog contents and priority, ensuring enough depth of groomed items for development consumption and commitment 

• Review QA test plans to align with acceptance criteria 

• A collaborator who can work across operating styles and can bring together multiple perspectives

• A strategic thinker who can connect disparate dots (both at the solution and at the specific use case and data level) and develop well thought out action plans

• Using a metrics driven product management approach

• Develop well thought out plans and solution and deliver those (with well-crafted AI-ML solutions) to all stakeholders across the organization in consumable format

• Effectively communicate product release contents and expected product capabilities/behavior to stakeholders including Customers, Product Management, Support and Services, Development and Marketing 

• Active participation in Scrum of Scrums - Coordinates products between departments for global visibility 

• Reporting and progress management. Provide weekly updates on project status to Senior Management. Monitor and identify impediments to release objectives and suggest corrective actions.

Skills & Requirements

To be considered for and to perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty and responsibility satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill and/or ability required.  
Qualifications include:

• Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Engineering, Statistics, or similar field 

• 5+ years of work experience, in big data (structured or unstructured), cloud computation, and specifically 2+ years in AI/ Machine Learning

• Familiarity with modern machine learning libraries, tools, frameworks (e.g., Tensorflow, NumPy, Scikit learn, Keras, OpenNLP, R, etc.)

• Understanding of supervised (classification, regression class of algorithms) and unsupervised (clustering, anomaly, etc.) learning algorithms and suitability of one algorithm over another in each use case

• Some familiarity with cloud-based machine learning services offered by Azure and / or AWS

• Intimately familiar with modern BI / visualization solutions. Ideally even built product integration with Analytics and BI platforms.

• Built, managed, and maintained data and AI-ML use cases related product backlog 

• Comfortable with quick iteration and experimentation 

• Feel at home and be excited about working with data scientist and data engineers 

• Creative problem solver, analytical thinker, and a master of cutting through ambiguity with passion for new technology 

• Understanding of Agile Values and Scrum Methodology 

• Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment 

• Excellent ability to elicit cooperation from a wide variety of sources, including upper management, clients, and other departments 

• Excellent ability to handle a heavy workload with multiple projects and frequent interruptions in a changing, dynamic environment 

• Excellent understanding of the software development life cycle (SDLC)