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The Central Square Labs team is seeking a Director of Development to join the team in building new, innovative solutions for public safety and administration. You will work with a team of engineers, data scientists, UI/UX designers, and product managers to create cloud-based applications that use data analysis and machine learning to support new capabilities across the Central Square product line. You have experience working on a high performing team, mentoring engineering talent, and want to iteratively craft user-centric solutions that are both scalable and supportable. Your entrepreneurial energy and desire to have an impact in society make you challenge the status quo and strive to apply new tools and approaches to solve difficult problems. Your experience working with clients and product managers to translate requirements into technical solutions will help the team execute on our product vision.

About Central Square Labs

The innovation Lab at Central Square is a new team tasked with prototyping and scaling new, emerging solutions to support the broader Central Square mission of improving communities through our public safety and administration solutions. As a new team, we are ramping up our engineering efforts with a focus on creating cloud-based data analysis pipelines that use machine learning to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government agencies. For instance: How can machine learning make police patrols more efficient and equitable? How do we craft ML models that are not only accurate but also fair and transparent? How do we deliver ML services to other teams in a supportable and scalable manner? If these questions speak to you, then the Labs team is the right environment in which to answer them.

What You’ll Do

  •  Participate in backlog grooming of user stories, clarifying requirements, and preparing work for the development team
  • Propose technical architectures to solve requirements using cloud services
  • Manage and mentor software developers on the team
  • Give feedback on code through code reviews
  • Build and maintain data processing and analytic pipelines and software
  • Troubleshoot and resolve bugs
  • Collaborate with data scientists to support feature engineering, model testing, and production roll-outs
  • Coordinate with other product development teams to deliver successful integrations of Labs initiatives throughout CentralSquare’s products
  • Deliver project, progress, quality, and projection details about Labs development initiatives to internal and external stakeholders
Skills & Requirements

You Should Have

  • Experience establishing a vision and executing on it
  • A proven track record of collaborating with product managers, UX designers, data scientists, and/or other engineering teams to successfully ship products and features
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience with Agile methodologies (e.g. Scrum, backlog grooming, sprint planning)
  • Excellent proficiency in Python
  • Proficiency in processing tabular data (e.g. Pandas / R / Spark dataframes)
  • Experience using Amazon Web Services to craft multi-tenant, scalable solutions
  • Experience with designing data structures and relational databases

You Get Extra Points For

  • Experience applying Design Thinking principles to software design and development processes
  • Degrees relevant to Computer Science, Mathematics, and Machine Learning
  • Experience with Machine Learning (especially NLP and deep learning) and related tools (such as Tensorflow, Pytorch, and Sci-kit Learn).
  • Experience using big data analytics platforms such as Dask or Apache Spark
  • Experience with additional programming languages such as Scala, C#, and Javascript.
  • Experience with API design and microservice architectures
  • Experience with front-end frameworks such as Angular