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911 call records. Crime reports. Jail booking information. Evidence logs. More and more agencies are switching to CentralSquare Software to track this kind of data. And when they do, CentralSquare Technologies’ data conversion consultants make sure they have immediate access to the wealth of legacy data they’ve built up, right at their fingertips in their new CentralSquare system, from the moment they switch it on.

And that’s important work when you’re dealing with mission-critical data. Our data conversion consultants take pride in knowing that their work is a key factor in making our customers’ new systems useful to them right from the start. That when someone calls 911, the dispatcher will be notified of prior incidents at the caller’s address. That investigators will still have access to the years of case reports that will help them see connections between related crimes.

Thanks to our data conversion consultants, our customers spend less time hunting for records and more time protecting and serving. Sound like a cool way to use your data skills for good? We’d love to have you join us.

Here's an overview of the tasks and responsibilities:

  • Work collaboratively with customer agencies undergoing CentralSquare software implementation to obtain data from their legacy system, understand what it means and how it is used, and determine how best to translate it into their CentralSquare system
  • Analyze legacy data to estimate / benchmark project scope and length
  • Develop scripts to load legacy data into conversion tools and convert data into CentralSquare software
  • Develop and maintain an understanding of CentralSquare software including functionality and database schema; use this knowledge to make informed decisions regarding data mapping and to review data within target system
  • Communicate with customer agencies throughout implementation projects to clarify questions that arise regarding data mapping, demonstrate converted data in target system, understand any modifications needed, and verify results of modifications
  • Manipulate and load data such as code tables from secondary additional sources to assist in configuration of agencies’ CentralSquare systems
  • Assist in running final data conversion at time of system go-live
  • Communicate proactively with supervisor and project manager regarding project progress and any project risks or issues that arise
  • Create and maintain documentation for data conversion processes; seek out process improvements
Skills & Requirements

Interested? Here's what we need from you:

  • Experience with SQL and at least one RDBMS
  • Knowledge of ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) processes
  • Ability to learn new applications and processes quickly
  • Passion for technology; eager to learn new tools and technologies
  • Strong customer-facing skills and personal interaction/interpersonal skills
  • Ability to adapt quickly to changing business and customer needs, maintaining a high degree of flexibility
  • Self-motivated; able to work independently