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Dev Ops Engineer


PowerSchool | R&D


This team will focus on automating the repetitive manual tasks that this team continues to invest many man hours in. Example, 6 hours to provision new Unified Classroom tenants. Daily rebuilds of QA internal environments. Other examples continue to be the volume based alerts that come in and need to be dealt with. Full filesystem, job failures that need restarts and other reactive issues that are monitor triggered.

a. Management Requirements – This is a list of skills required

i. Experience with todays config/automation tools – Examples include SaltStack, along with the standard scripts for executing system related commands such as Perl and Pythan

ii. Experience with management/monitoring tools – How can we trigger webhooks from New Relic to trigger system maintenance, update tickets in our ticketing tool via API, etc….

iii. Experience with current Cloud API’s – Google and/or Azure API’s for interaction with provisioning and configuring instances of applications.

iv. Six Sigma Experience a plus – This role should not be solely limited to technical capability. The goal of automation is reduce waste in the system and remove low skill requirement tasks. Overall they should be able to map out delivery flows for hosting services, work with delivery and operations managers to see where the largest effort of man power are and recommend streamlining work and automating the remainder. This includes mapping out the steps of provisioning and responding to work requests and prioritizing biggest ROI automation areas.

v. Agile Based – This team should work out of a backlog based, sprint system for delivering automation. We should be able to report on progress and manage the changing backlog. This manager will need to apply some scrum master experience to drive daily work. In addition they should be able to report on what is being released and epics we are tracking to completion on.