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Careers / Our People / Spotlight: Henry Yelin

Henry Yelin

Director, Technology & Diligence

"Being at the epicenter of the technology universe is an amazing learning opportunity, and it makes me excited about what’s to come."


Wilmette, IL


B.S. in Theoretical Mathematics, Master's in Information Systems Management

Favorite Book

"Moneyball" by Michael Lewis

Favorite Hobby

Sailing, Cooking, Baking

Vista's Culture in One Word


Favorite Part of Vista

The engineering research program

A Culture of Encouragement

I started at Vista in the summer of 2018 as an intern while in graduate school. During that time, I was told to meet as many people as possible, learn about the operations of the firm and find the opportunity that best suited my skills and interests.

Vista prides itself on helping people find their role in the organization. If someone feels they could be more impactful on a different team or in a different way, they’re encouraged to go find what’s best for them and what’s best for the team. That’s a great way to show up to work — knowing you can make your career into what you want it to be.

Helping Companies Thrive

I’m on the Product & Technology team, which is part of the Value Creation Team. I work across our portfolio companies to help them improve their engineering operations and infrastructure. We aim to bring the best technology and practices to our companies so they can deliver the best products to their customers. As part of this effort, I’m fortunate to work with engineers, cloud architects and other talented individuals driving the day-to-day progress in the field. We collaborate constantly to grow our understanding of each company’s unique business needs and opportunities.

At the Epicenter of the Technology Universe

There are a lot of things I enjoy about working at Vista. One is the autonomy. Vista is good at identifying people’s strengths and giving them the runway to work on that subject matter. If there’s an interesting project that matters to me, and it’s aligned with the interests of the firm and the portfolio, I can work with my manager and teammates to get it done.

We have this amazing opportunity to help our companies build, scale and deploy top software. Being at the epicenter of the technology universe is an amazing learning opportunity, and it makes me excited about what’s to come.

A Recipe for Success

I like to bake bread, and I’m always trying to get the recipe just right. It takes a lot of focus and energy, and I find the process of trying to master the technique is very similar to the focus I bring to work. I’m always thinking: Where can we re-evaluate what’s happening? What parts of the process could we change? Which ingredients need to be tweaked?

The most satisfying part of baking is when you take the loaf out of the oven and enjoy the product of all your hard work. The results justify the time, effort and attention to detail. Similarly, Vista is a results-driven organization, and that’s something I’ve come to enjoy. By working together with our team and our portfolio companies, we’re able to achieve incredible outcomes.


Value Creation Team (“VCT”) consists of Vista professionals dedicated in whole or in part to operational matters (“Operating Professionals”) and the members of Vista Consulting Group (including OneVista) (“VCG”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vista.

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