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Careers / Our People / Spotlight: Aaron Gupta

Aaron Gupta

Senior Vice President, Private Equity

"We are fortunate to work alongside some of the best CEOs in the world who are solving problems through software that have a true impact on our community."


Warren, NJ


Finance and Economics, MBA

Favorite Book

"Give and Take" by Adam Grant

Favorite Hobby

Tennis, Cooking, Podcasts

Vista's Culture in One Word


Favorite Part of Vista

Our team

Solving Problems, Making an Impact

We partner with management teams to accelerate growth in our companies. That might be something tactical, like support with recruiting efforts, or something more strategic, like building out the product roadmap or assessing add-on acquisitions.

We are fortunate to work alongside some of the best CEOs in the world who are solving problems through software and making a true impact on our community. From supporting small businesses to improving COVID relief efforts, it’s incredibly motivating to see the positive externalities that come from our portfolio companies.

An Investment in People and Culture

From the first person I met at Vista, I could tell this was a special place.

For one thing, Vista has a strong focus on professional and personal development. I was looking for a place to build a long-term career where people would invest in me, and the significant time and mentorship I’ve received from individuals across the firm has been instrumental to my personal growth.

Our friendships extend beyond the office and into authentic personal relationships. More than 30 Vista colleagues attended my wedding, and I have traveled with many of their families over the years, making our work even more enjoyable.

Growing With Purpose

Since I’ve been at Vista, the firm has grown significantly in both employee headcount and assets under management. As we’ve grown, I’ve seen the firm continue to evolve and change, both in terms of new products and funds and the culture and how we operate.

One of the things that has enabled this growth is how open-minded Vista is. Our senior leaders empower all of us to come up with ideas that push the firm forward and enhance how we operate.

There’s a constant focus on improving ourselves to meet the demands of our continued growth, and that makes Vista an exciting place to be.

The Path to Success

Over the course of my career, I’ve learned that success rarely takes a direct path. I’ve benefited from working in a number of different industries, including startups, real estate firms, insurance companies, consulting firms and investment banks.

It’s that variety of experiences that has led me to where I am today. My advice to anyone starting out their career is to try as many things as possible, even if an experience may not seem directly related to what you want to do later in life.

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