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Product Manager


Advanced | Product Management | Ashford, England

Role Title:                           Product Manager                            


Why do we have this role?

Through a clear understanding of customers / markets, internal stakeholders and competitors to drive the product roadmaps and development of Adastra, in order to enable an increase in revenue, profit brand and retention and a decrease in costs associated with all aspects of products within the remit.


Key areas of responsibility?

  • Understand the market and key competitors; undertake profiling of their relevant market and key competitors (at least top three), with this information been clearly communicated around the business
  • Understand customer requirements for their product – by both managing their relevant customer enhancement requests and regular contact with customers, to build and maintain a prioritised list of potential customer requirements for their product area
  • Internal engagement and communication – through proactive internal engagement and regular communication ensure that all relevant stakeholders are involved in the development of product strategy and aware of any changes to this or issues that might affect them
  • Engagement of Partners, and Customers to understand their requirements for their product area and to ensure that they are aware of the strategic direction for their product
  • Co-ordination; liaise with Product Managers responsible for other areas of the Suite(s) to ensure that any development plans are delivered within a ‘Suite’ concept
  • Development of product development strategy; through understanding market / competitor trends and prioritising customer requirements, develop and communicate a clear product roadmap and requirements for the next version
  • Represent the customer / business in development choices; by working closely with the relevant engineering teams and making prioritisation calls alongside the Product Owner
  • Support the business by providing the information on our products they need to do their role; by providing relevant GTM information such as Battlecards, Market Positioning etc
  • Communication of roadmap to Partners  / customers; deliver required communication of the roadmap and requirements for their product area, through presentations at events and in conjunction with the relevant marketing teams
  • Assist with escalations; be responsible for the provision of information as required to assist the support and complaints teams in resolve escalated issues


Need to Do

Key Deliverables & KPI’s

  • Backlog; to own, generate and review the backlog on a regular basis, group and prioritise items and to own the communication regarding their requests back to the relevant parties
  • Product roadmap; creation and agreement on a rolling 12 month roadmap to be ‘formally’ refreshed in line with financial year and budget cycles. To include:
    • Stack ranked items created with input from all stakeholders
    • Market and competitor review
    • Market Share
    • Business cases for each proposed item with clear cost and ROI
    • Alignment with Strategy and Vision
  • Market requirements documented; creation and agreement on the high level requirements for the next version of the product to be approved by the business by the late summer
  • Nihito visits to understand Customer, Market & competitor profiles; creation and publication of overview information on the relevant market and key competitors
  • GTM plan for the successful launch of product and services to market
  • Product performance, NPS, P&L and Business Case to actual tracking
  • Regular communication – provision of regular progress updates, information on changes to development plans and any issues that occur internally


  • Partners; through a variety of means understand the requirements of their relevant Business Partner community and provide information to enable the relevant marketing team to undertake regular communication to this community
  • Engineering Teams; to work closely with their relevant development teams to provide guidance of product direction and to be work with the Product owner when choices are required
  • Commercial; to work in conjunction with the relevant Commercial Managers to understand the businesses ‘commercial’ requirements to support planned revenue / profit growth
  • Other Product Managers; to work closely with other Product Managers responsible for other elements of the Suite to ensure that any developments are delivered within a ‘Suite’ theme
  • Support – to work closely with their relevant support team manager to understand the key drivers of technical issues with their product and incorporate these into the potential requirements for future development
  • Pre-sales – to ensure that their relevant pre-sales teams clearly understand the development plans for their product and have the information they need in order to support them in their role
  • Product Complaints – to manage any agreed escalated customer issues in conjunction with the Customer Experience team



  • Business, Economic or Finance background


Skills & Knowledge

  • Planning; ability to plan both their own time and the workload prioritise for other teams to deliver
  • Presentation skills; ability to present their own product strategy to both external and internal audiences
  • Problem solving; ability to identify key issues and patterns from partial/conflicting data, takes broad perspective to problems and spots new, less obvious solutions
  • Analytic; ability to identify patterns from a large variety of sources of information and to interpret these into clear business requirements
  • Communication; excellent communication skills
  • Written; excellent written English and ability to create good business documentation
  • Use of Microsoft desktop applications; good knowledge of using Microsoft Excel to analysis data, MS Word to create business documentation and MS Powerpoint to deliver presentations
  • Ownership – the ability to ‘own’ the resolution of any relevant (or escalated) issues


  • 3 years previous experience with their relevant product area, ideally gained through either supporting or selling it (or a similar competitors product)