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Parser & Compiler Developer


Advanced | Development | Atlanta, GA

This is a specialized software product developer position, part of Information Balance’s ib-ARM product development team. ib-ARM is an innovative, industry leading Application Portfolio Management (APM) solution from Advanced.


The candidate for this position should have an interest in parsing source code – extracting the semantic understanding from software systems.  Such understanding includes relationships such as program and method calls, service calls and database accesses.  The candidate will perform the semantic analysis (parsing) of application code using Java and Perl/Python, plus a variety of grammar-based techniques. The candidate will also assist in the creation of semantic relationship maps and the development of corresponding repository content.



§  Primary:

§  Develop custom parsers, filters and search tools for programming and markup languages.

§  Develop interfaces and extensions to existing parsers and source code analyzers.

§  Develop client-specific extensions to existing parsers to handle unique or unusual coding practices.

§  Secondary:

§  Analyze source code libraries from organizational, structural and syntactical perspectives.

§  Understand relationships between application interfaces, code, data and documentation.

§  Perform testing to ensure parser extensions do not adversely affect existing code collections.



§  Mandatory:

§  Minimum 3 years Java programming experience, preferably in a modern project development environment

§  Minimum 3 years experience with an SQL based DBMS, excellent SQL skills

§  2-3 years experience using software development tools such as editors, debuggers, code analyzers, IDE-s etc.

§  Firm understanding of one or more scripting languages. Experience with Perl is desirable.

§  Good understanding of software modelling including data, process, control flow and data flow modelling,

§  Interest in and skill at re-factoring software.

§  Desired:

§  Good understanding of the organization and structure of large scale business applications.

§  Good understanding of the concepts of programming language grammar, regular expressions and parsing techniques.

§  Experience with mainframe systems including COBOL, JCL and other mainframe technologies.

§  Experience developing text parsing, filtering or searching applications.

§  Exposure to any of these technologies would be an asset: Antlr, Catalyst, Subversion.


§  Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

§  Exceptional attention to details; strong analytical skills.

§  Eagerness to learn new development/analysis tools, techniques and languages.

§  Motivated to deliver reliable and well-tested software and solutions.

§  Ability to work on multiple parallel projects; ability to work in a team setting.

§  Commitment to quality in all aspects of work.

§  Very people-oriented, friendly demeanor and personable nature