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DevOps Engineer (Mid-Level)


Vertafore | Development

Vertafore is looking for a DevOps Engineer II to join a dynamic, growing DevOps team. 

At Vertafore we work with a diverse set of systems and technologies.  You’ll get a chance to help advance our DevOps practice within the company.  This will include automating infrastructure deployments (with Terraform), collaborating with development teams to implement state of the art Build and Deployment Pipelines (moving to GitLab), and defining the future of DevOps within Vertafore.

Our DevOps team is responsible for supporting multiple products and development teams in automating infrastructure, build pipelines, deployment, and production support.   Some days we’re working closely with development teams to learn their pain points and coming up with creative (and hopefully automated) solutions.  Some days we’re working on making sure our build and release pipelines are working well and releasing quality code as quickly as possible.  Some days we are working on production issues that directly impact our customers.   Working at Vertafore gives you a chance to learn and use a wide variety of skills while working side by side with some amazing people.

Our technology stack is largely Windows based, with most of our code being writing in C#.  We also work with some Linux systems, predominantly a RedHat variant.  

Over the next year, we’ll be working on several initiatives including:

  • Moving our source to GitLab
  • Working with development teams to implement a world class development processes
  • Rebuilding and improving build pipelines for maximum value
  • Automating both infrastructure and code deployment  (both in our Data Center and in AWS)
  • Implementing monitoring and alerting to identify when we have issues.

If you’re interested in joining a growing DevOps organization that will be shaping the future of DevOps in Vertafore we’d love to talk to you!

Skills & Requirements

Position Requirements:

  • 2-5 years experience working in a DevOps or related role
  • Knowledge of Infrastructure Provisioning Tools (Terraform, CloudFormation, or similar)
  • Experience using a configuration management tool (Chef, Ansible, Puppet or similar).  They have similar goals, so experience in any of these is great.  You should be able to explain the difference between Chef, Terraform, and Packer and where each might be useful.
  • 1-4 years working with a cloud provider (AWS, Azure, GCP).  You should understand the services they offer, why they might be used, and tradeoffs between different solutions.  You can answer “what’s the difference between S3 and EBS” or “what would you use Elastic Beanstalk for”?
  • Experience putting together build pipelines  (Jenkins, GitLab, TFS, TeamCity, etc…).  You’ve worked with developers to help them put together great build pipelines that facilitate fast delivery of high quality code.
  • Scripting ability (Python, Powershell, Bash). We mostly use Python, but we quite often work with Powershell and Bash as well.  You should know at least one scripting language well.
  • Excitement around DevOps.  We’re very excited about the journey we’re on, and we want you to be as well.


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Automate manual processes (build, configuration, security)
  • Implement Continuous Deployment (CD) and Continuous Integration (CI) to promote changes across environments.
  • Provision infrastructure using tools such as CloudFormation and Terraform
  • Write automated tests across applications and infrastructure to validate functionality which run continuously
  • Design metrics to track system reliability and alerts through CloudWatch and Prometheus
  • Work across teams to integrate, configure, manage and support production systems

Skills and Technologies that we use regularly:

  • Windows
    • General Usage and Administration
  • Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu)
  • Jenkins
  • Artifactory
  • SQL Server
  • Python
  • Powershell
  • Bash
  • AWS (S3, EBS, EC2, ELB/ALB, VPC)

Skills and Technologies that we will be moving toward:

  • Terraform
  • Packer
  • Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu)
  • Postgres
  • Container technologies (Docker, Kubernetes, etc..)
  • Even more AWS

Skills and Technologies that are good to know (we don’t use these much, but knowledge about them and how they work will help you in this role):

  • Infrastructure provisioning Tools
    • CloudFormation
  • Configuration Management Tools
    • Puppet, Chef, Ansible
  • Deep System Administration Experience
    • Linux, Windows