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TIBCO | 67000 Composite R&D | Pune,

TIBCO Data Virtualization team is looking for a software engineer to enhance
and maintain to our Data Virtualization server. You've got experience
designing and implementing complex software systems. You understand
how server software works internally and have a strong ability to select
appropriate algorithms vis-à-vis computational complexity and time/space
trade-offs. You are intimately familiar with design patterns and
anti-patterns. You have facility with large pre-existing code bases.
The server is implemented by a multi-million line source base in Java, so
the ability to understand and integrate with existing code is an absolute
must. The core runtime is a complex multi-threaded system and the
successful candidate will demonstrate complete expertise in handling
features geared towards concurrent transactions in a low latency, high
throughput and scalable server environment. The candidate will have the
opportunity to work in a collaborative environment with leading database
experts in building the most robust, scalable and high performing database
Skills & Requirements

In this crucial role as a Server Engineer, you will:
• Drive enhancements to existing server capabilities and infrastructure
• Assist in periodic refactoring and redesign of existing server components
• Enhance the product’s robustness, flexibility, and performance
• Create and implement functional & technical specifications
• Work with minimal supervision both individually as well as within
ad-hoc groups