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Data Science Quality Asssessment Engineer I (DSQA)

Entry Level

EagleView | Engineering & IT | Bengaluru, Karnataka

Primary Responsibilities

•  Help to annotate imagery for ML feature modeling using web platforms &/or other open source tools

• Help aggregate, clean, and organize data for machine learning applications

• Provide feedback that will be used to improve ML models for computer vision feature extraction

• Assist with helping to benchmark ML model performance through visual confirmation of results & web-based feedback

•  Other duties as assigned

Skills & Requirements

Skills & Requirements

  • Experience with image annotation (tagging, drawing, masking) (e.g. AWS mechanical turk, other data labelling)
  • Experienced with providing feedback via a web-based platform or local software package
  • Great communication skills, verbal & written
  • 0-1 yrs of experience with Manual Testing / Data Analytics / Image Processing / BPO
  • Ability to work independently & learn tasks from written instructions or minimal discussion