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Sales Enablement Leader


Tomia | Sales/Marketing

Sales Enablement Leader – TOMIA – Ra’anana, Central District

Why does the role exist? To help the company achieve its objectives and transform the sales organization by: (1) optimizing sales process and ensuring sellers adopt it; (2) building/selecting world-class sales tools and ensuring sellers utilize them; (3) ensuring new and existing sellers have the right competencies through rigorous training and development; (4) ensuring sellers are always equipped with the right tools, collateral, and messaging and that they are using it effectively; and (5) continually measuring the impact of the Sales Enablement function to demonstrate its contributions to the business. 

What would I do? 

  • Strategy & Team
    • Design an annual strategy for the Sales Enablement function that supports the objectives of the organization and Sales team and is grounded in data/analytics.Continually review the strategy—and performance against it—to ensure the Sales Enablement team is driving to the right outcomes as business needs evolve
    • Assist the CSO in designing and executing various change initiatives impacting the Sales organization across the year
    • Build strong relationships with key business partners—i.e., Sales Operations, Marketing, Product, Sales Management, Recruiting, HR—and collectively execute various cross-functional initiatives in support of salesforce transformation throughout the year
    • Serve on the Revenue Leadership Team
    • Hire, onboard, develop, and retain Sales Enablement staff
  • Training Management
    • Work with the head of Sales to design an annual training plan based on the Sales team’s objectives and the development needs of the salesforce
    • Ensure effective execution of the annual training strategy.This includes tracking, measuring, and reporting on the impact of all key training efforts and adapting curricula as needed
    • Oversee the design/improvement/execution of a highly rigorous onboarding program for new hires. This includes a multi-week Boot Camp with a mix of learning formats, such as classroom, on-the-job, peer-based, self-directed, and e-learning; homework before and after class; manager coaching; mid-term assessment; final certification; and reporting/updates to sales management.The program will also include a highly structured post-Boot Camp development program that is tailored for individual sellers, targets specific metrics and activities, provides various in-person and electronic learning formats, and requires checkpoints at 30-60-90 days.
    • Oversee the design/improvement/execution of a highly rigorous, ongoing training program for existing sellers that is tailored to sellers’ individual development need, includes multiple learning formats that target key knowledge areas and behaviors at different levels of proficiency, and requires certification of key behaviors
    • Oversee the design/improvement/execution of a formal Product Rollout program for the continual education of sellers/managers on new products and product updates.This includes partnering with Marketing to ensure optimal collateral and messaging and overseeing the execution of group training opportunities that ensure sellers are adequately prepared to leverage the new information in the field as quickly as possible
    • Oversee the design/improvement/execution of training to improve first-line sales manager coaching effectiveness
    • Oversee the design/improvement/execution of training to prepare the next generation of second-line sales managers
    • Oversee the selection, implementation, and adoption of technologies that drive knowledge and skill acquisition—i.e., quizzing, video coaching, targeted e-learning
    • Facilitate training as needed
    • Assist in the design/execution of annual Sales Kickoff
  • Internal Tools
    • Conduct an audit of existing tools (e.g., territory plans, account plans, sales interaction prep documents, deal review templates) to identify gaps
    • Oversee the design/adoption of improved tools and/or the selection/adoption of new tools
    • Select a new Content Management System (CMS)—or manage the improvement of the existing CMS—and oversee effective rollout/adoption
  • Customer-Facing Collateral & Tools
    • Conduct an audit of existing collateral and customer-facing tools (e.g., pitch decks, case studies, testimonials, ROI calculators) to identify gaps
    • Oversee the design/rollout/adoption of new/improved collateral and customer-facing tools


    What’s cool about the job?

  • Help shape the strategy for the Sales function
  • Set/drive the organization’s Sales Enablement strategy
  • Build a world-class Sales Enablement team
  • Use data/analytics to identify improvement opportunities across the salesforce
  • Create innovative approaches to improving seller performance
  • Upskill sellers, sales managers, and Sales Enablement team members
  • Work with colleagues across multiple functions


    What’s hard about the job?

  • Balancing unlimited demand with limited resources
  • Managing multiple projects at once
  • Ensuring all Sales Enablement training/assets are up-to-date given the fast pace of change
  • Influencing others to provide support and adhere to deadlines


            What prior experience is required?

  • 5+ years Sales Experience
  • 5+ years of Sales Enablement Experience
  • 5+ years of people management


    What skills and knowledge are required?

  • Problem Solving & Root Cause Analysis
  • Andragogy (formal or self-directed)
  • Organization & Time Management
  • Interpersonal Skills/Emotional Intelligence
  • Exceptional Written & Verbal Communications